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Best Escape Rooms In Jakarta

Real Life Adventure Games


There has to be a way out! Escape Rooms are the hottest new entertainment concept in Jakarta. Come and play a challenging real life adventure game with one goal: Escape the Room before time runs out. Players, in groups of 2-8 people get locked in a decorated room, work together to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape the room. This is must try activities for those who enjoy solving riddle. Read on for the roundup of the best escape rooms around Jakarta.

  • Interior Of Exitway Studio Room Escape

    Exitway Studio Room Escape

    Ordinary life can be very boring. Exitway Studio creates excitement with the great real room escape adventure. They bring a new atmosphere of escaping the routine while playing the game. They tried out the simulation to get the best experience and create the story from the scratch. Customized the materials and set the game stage for your Real Room Escape Adventure! Games available: Jail break, stand by me, fact and final countdown with duration 60 – 90 minutes.


    Exitway Studio Room Escape, Ruko Glaze 1 B No.30 Paramount, jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang, +622140061620 or +62 0812 9381 9100,

  • Best-Escape-Rooms-Jakarta


    Originated from Singapore, Lockdown is a reality first person adventure game simulating online room escape games. The player will locked in a room and must exploit his/her surroundings in order to escape. This game requires players to be observant and use critical thinking skills in order to solve the challenges and riddles. Each players only has 60 minutes to escape.


    Lockdown, Ruko Dinasty Walk RJS 29C No.2 Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang, +62 21 2921 3709,

  • TickTock-Escape-Rooms-Jakarta

    Ticktock Escape Room

    Ticktock Escape Room is the real live escape game, fun puzzle room and new adventure made for 2-6 people, with one secret mission that has to be solved in 60 minutes. The objective of this game escape from the locked room within 60 minutes by completing and solving the clues in it by working together as a team. Create a unique and exciting memory with the people you care about. They have three challenging rooms for your escape: The Mansion’s Heist, Asylum, and Murder at the Opera House.


    Ticktock Escape Room, Ruko Jalur Sutera Kav. 29A No. 22. Jalan Jalur Sutera, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang, +62 21 5314 0313,

  • Black And White Room Escape Room

    As the first project of Enigma, Paradox features a Live Escape Game, an inventive live adventure game that requires players to cooperate, think critically and exploit their physical and mental sense in order to solve mysteries and puzzles for the purpose of escaping a series of locked rooms within a limited time. Bringing fresh concept for public entertainment, with 3-6 players in a room, Paradox present Alcatraz Inferno and Curse of the forbidden samurai. Use your logic, memory, teamwork and exploration!

 , Ruko Sentra Gading Serpong (Summarecon Mall Serpong), Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong. Blok SG 1 no. 11. Tangerang, +62 8 1736 4462,

  • The Billionaire Escape Room Theme At Portals Indonesia


    Can you escape in 90 minutes? Portals is the first movie immersion escape game for individuals, families, friends and colleagues. Inspired by the concept of theme park in Japan, Portal offers an exciting experience for players. A live action game where up to 10 adults are locked in an immersive room and have 90 minutes to explore, complete an objective and escape! Imagine immersing yourself into a real life video game. You can choose from the 4 episodes available such as the billionaire, the magician, dark carnival and hakanawa island.


    Portals, Jln Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok AA-4 No.45, Serpong, Tangerang, +62 21 5116 2245,

  • Secret Of The Lost Tribe Theme At Pandora Experience Escape Room Indonesia

    Pandora Experience

    120 thrilling minutes ! Located in the west of Jakarta, Pandora Experience is the Ultimate Escape Game Adventure with episodes from myths and legends around the world to ensure that you and your friends will have a thrilling experience here. Experience the mystery here! Try their episode secrets of the lost tribe, devil’s triangle and the hollow. All mystery and thriller lovers are welcomed!


    Pandora Experience, Puri Britannia T7/37, Jalan Puri Indah, Kembangan, West Jakarta, +62 21 5830 4801,

  • Interior Of Xcape Escape Room Indonesia

    Xcape Indonesia

    Located in north of Jakarta, Xcape Indonesia is the first real escape game in Indonesia with Hollywood feel and touch. With 5D real room escape game, you will feel like you are physically in the story. The game will challenge you and your team to solve mysteries and clues within a time limit to escape from a room. This is an alternative form of entertainment, its perfect for person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles or just generally smart and looking for a challenge. The games: whisper of the dead, chamber of secrets, vampire diary, resident evil, catch me if you can.


    Xcape Indonesia, Ruko Crown Golf Blok D-38. Jalan Marina Raya. Pantai Indah Kapuk, +62 88 1688 0888,

  • Exterior of LOCKED Escape Room Indonesia


    LOCKED offers you a new level of experience which you can never imagine before. Groups of 2-6 people have 50 minutes to get out of the selected room. Each room is designed in every detail to give you different experiences of real life escape room games. You need to solve a series of mysteries and puzzles in order to escape the room. In each room there are hidden items that may help you to win the game, if you manage to find them. Can you escape from the haunted school? Or will you end up in the hands of psycopath killer?


    LOCKED, Ruko Gallery No. 8DE, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, +62 21 3001 0260 or +62 82 11010 8080,

  • Travel Theme Escape Room At Auxilium Indonesia


    Auxilium means help in Latin, so try to help each other to get out alive and in one piece. Every inch of this room is designed to pump your adrenaline and trigger your fervor. We can assure you, once you can open the exit door, you will be addicted to try more. You will be locked in one room for 60 minutes and all you need to do is think beyond what you see and think out of the box. It's harder than it looks but it's more fun than you think. Against the clock! Break a leg and happy hunting!


    Auxilium, Ruko Bolsena Blok B No 35 Gading Serpong,Tangerang, +62 82 1385 5735,

  • Interior Of Totem Room Escape Room Indonesia

    Totem Room Escape

    Totem Room Escape is the first and the biggest reality room escape game in Indonesia. They are mixing puzzles with high tech gadgets, wrapped in themed decorated rooms to make an extraordinary experience. Make a team from 2 – 8 people and then choose your challenge room such as locked in darkland, Egyptian secret, mission impossible, kidnapped and prison break.


    Totem Room Escape, Jalan Tanjung Duren Raya No.1 West Jakarta, +62 2 1567 3976,

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