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Juice + Cleanse

Need more energy to run after your little rugrats? We love Urban Remedy Indonesia, the newest thing to hit the Jakarta “clean-eating” scene. Through delicious juices made from ingredients like beets, apples and spinach, toxins are flushed from your system, leaving you healthier and with increased energy. Score!

Perfect for on-the-go parents, Urban Remedy is convenient and simple to use. For a 3-day cleanse, 18 juices will be delivered right to your door. Then each day, you’ll drink 6 different juice blends (1 juice every 2 hours), and start enjoying the benefits to your body! During the 3 cleansing days, you may exercise, as sweating is helpful in the detoxification process. However, you’ll want to avoid coffee, soda, alcohol, smoking, and solid foods.

Drink to your health with Urban Remedy Indonesia!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A simple and delicious way to eliminate toxins, replenish your body, lose a couple pounds, and feel energized!

Who It's Perfect For:

Moms and dads who want to improve their health by drinking loads of Beet It, Glowing Green, and other juices!

What Else:​

While Urban Remedy Indonesia is not 100% organic, they use organic ingredients as often as possible. If organic cannot be sourced, they use the freshest and healthiest alternative that they can find.

Additional Info:​

Urban Remedy Indonesia

+62 812 9464 3113

Facebook Page

Instagram: urbanremedyindonesia


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