If your bub is not a huge fan of getting a haircut, then Lollicut Kids Salon will be a welcome savior! Specializing in haircuts for newborns and kids up to 12 years old, this colorful kids salon at Plaza Indonesia makes haircuts fun for kids and relaxing for their moms and dads! 

Toddlers will love the chance to sit on a motorbike or a car while the hairdressers get to work, taming those runaway locks. Each cool chair comes fitted with its own TV screen, so no need for parents to entertain!  Little kids can watch a DVD of their favorite cartoon, and older kids might enjoy a little Mr. Bean or Playstation. If some screen time doesn't work, Lollicut has other scissor and shaver distractions, like toy vehicles and bubble blowers. Endless tricks up their sleeves!

Lolicut is a popular tress-tamer, so make sure to make an appointment.