Times Square Chinese New Year

Celebrate The Year Of The Ox

2021 Jan 01 - 2021 Feb 08

Head on over to Times Square’s Houseful of Joy this Chinese New Year to celebrate the festivities with Hungarian visual artist and designer, Kissmiklos’ signature emograms! In the integration of architecture, art, design, and graphic design, Kissmiklos’ art is inspired by the word “emoji,” the 2015 “Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year.” In his artistic depictions, emograms are a series of emotional facial expressions from everyday life, created by various alphabetical punctuations.

The Houseful of Joy at Times Square will feature an art installation composed of the words “GOOD” and “LUCK” and another art installation featuring a two-meter-high lucky cat. Allowing you to interact with the design, there will be three giant lottery ball machines representing “Sweet Honey,” “Full House of Gold and Silver,” and “Full of Happiness”.

Each will be filled with “LOVED,” “LUCKY,” and “Full” emograms, and there will be a cheering station for you to partake in! The final piece of design available will be an exhibition art gallery located at the center of the atrium. This section will feature a selection of 3D emograms with displays including the words “GOOD,” “HAPPY,” “LOVED,” “LUCKY,” “ENJOY,” and “SMILE.” Check out this project with the kids for a fun and interactive Chinese New Year celebration!


WHAT: January 1 – February 8 from 10am – 10pm

WHEN: Interact with Kissmiklos’ fantastic Chinese New Year designs this year!

Where To Find It:​

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