One in five kids in the "affluent" city of Honk Kong live in poverty, and a hundred children are added to waitlists for adoption each month, almost 4000 living apart from their families at any time. Social isolation is an issue that keeps getting worse, and it is one that impacts every aspect of society. Whether you wish to more know about adoption and fostering in Hong Kong or just wonder what part you yourself or your children can play in transforming our society for the better – healthier, more responsible, aware and mindful of our impact on one another and our human family as a whole – you've come to the right place.

We've talked to the fantastic Alia Eyres; a corporate lawyer turned CEO of Mother's Choice 7 years ago, the oldest sister of 6 and a mother of 5, experienced foster parent and a volunteer herself. Mother's Choice is a local charity that serves children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong, actively working on child crises prevention. They are equipping families and children with the knowledge to prevent crises, transcending taboos of sexuality education, redefining family values and awaking young members of society to both the positive and negative power of their experiences and relationships.