Guide To Visiting The Water Palace Of Taman Ujung In East Bali

The Historical Site In The East Of Bali

One historical place, Taman Ujung or The Water Palace, is one of the historical “must visits” in Eastern Bali. A two hour drive from Bali’s International Airport, you will see fantastic, elegant, complex and beautiful, Karangasem Royal heritage.

There are three big and large ponds inside the area. In the middle of the main pond, there is a building that connects the edge of the pond by two bridges. The complexity of this water palace is the combination of Balinese and European architecture.The old King of Karangasem built these awesome water palaces as he needed a quiet place for him and his family to relax and rest.  Enjoy!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

At the top of the hill, you will find the ruins, but the view from this place is great. You can see the sea from above, the blue ocean of east Bali as well as the majestic Mount Agung, small fishing villages and the surrounding rice terraces, hills with lush and green forests. Even though there aren’t many buildings in this area, the view is amazing.

Who It's Perfect For:

This water palace has a peaceful environment. Kids will enjoy running around and everyone will appreciate the thoughtfulness and love put into building this place. This is good for history buffs and experience seekers.

What Else:​

Open everyday from 8am to 6pm. Try to avoid the heat in the middle of the day, by arriving early. It will be a good idea if you visit this place in the morning since it’s very hot in the afternoon. Don’t forget to wear your hat or bring your umbrella.

Additional Info:​

Ujung Water Palace

Jl. Lettu Alit, Karangasem, Bali

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