A little bummed out that your travel plans for the year have been shelved due to COVID-19? No worries, enter Withlocals Live, where you can embark on virtual experiences hosted by locals across the globe! An initiative just launched by Withlocals, a premier online travel marketplace, Withlocals Live lets you engage live stream with your host and experience their culture right in the comfort of your own home. Think culinary adventures, cooking classes, a tour of the Vatican museum, or you can even join forces with an interior designer to see how you can redesign your home!

So how do you begin? Simply head over to their webpage and contact your favorite local expert. At first contact, you can share your preferences and wishes. Next, your local host will send you a custom link to book your selected experience in just a jiffy and off you go! Each live stream is held privately and hosts a maximum of 10 people. So take off on this virtual adventure solo or plan a 'trip' with your friends!