Blitz Megaplex takes movie night to another level! This cinema company offers several ticket categories with special features that will thrill the whole family, including dinner served while you watch, and even sofabeds, warm blankets and fluffy pillows! Get ready for some cozy family time with one of these options:

Satin Class
For the Satin Class studio, you'll buy your tickets at a special ticket box (no more long queue), wait in a convenient Satin Lounge, and then watch the show from one of the studio's 52 comfy reclining seats. Tickets range from Rp 70,000 to Rp 120,000.

Velvet Class & Suite
Luxury sofabeds, pillows and blankets are the main attractions of the Velvet Class auditorium. For date night, try the sofabeds for two, or for a perfect family night out, the Velvet Suites at the very back of the auditorium are a must! Tickets range from Rp 140,000 to Rp 280,000 per sofabed and from Rp 200,000 to Rp 250,000 per 4-person suite.

Dining Cinema
Enjoy restaurant service right at your cinema seat! The tables are perfectly attached to comfortable reclining seats, and you'll have a choice of a Western or Korean set menu. Add Rp 60,000 (Western menu) or Rp 80,000 (Korean menu) to your regular ticket price to enjoy the show in the Dining Cinema. 

4DX Cinema
3D movies are cool, and 4DX movies are even cooler! This cinema features wind, scents, water, and other special effects to liven up the show, plus seats that move and vibrate. For kids 4 and up. Tickets range from Rp 90,000 to Rp 125,000.

Of course regular auditorium and 3D screenings are also available all day, and at all of the shows, kids get more at Blitz Megaplex! They'll feel special with their own mini 3D glasses, and booster seats for a clear view to the screen!