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Top 10 Virtual Trips To Make Your Lockdown More Joyful

Quarantined Redifined

Painfully bored of being shuttered in and done with watching the world go by through a window? We feel you, parents! While it’s still not the time to scrap the government memo on social distancing yet, it is time, however, to stop feeling sorry for yourself and jazz up your entertainment scene.

All hail the wonders of technology, you can now watch the dazzling Northern lights, spend a night at the opera. Or visit iconic world heritage sites, meander through some magnificent museums. Why not explore the holy city of Jerusalem, be a fly on the wall at the world’s best zoos and aquariums, and much more from the comforts of your living room. We’ve rounded up a list of the ultimate virtual experiences you need to live with your family at a time like this.

1. Great Wall of China: Wonders of the World

2. Sistine Chapel

3. CN Tower

4. Buckingham Palace

5. Jerusalem’s Old City

6. Yosemite National Park

7. Northern lights

8. San Diego Zoo

9. Houston Zoo

10. The Metropolitan Opera

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Travel is an unparalleled experience. While real travel is out of the question for several months, virtual tripping is the next best thing you can do, and what’s not to love about enjoying epic sights minus the epic crowds?

Who It's Perfect For:

Everyone. Or whoever in the family needs a staycation the most!

What Else:​

Never again will we get the time to go on a dreamy vacation while lounging in our jammies straight from our living rooms.

Where To Find It:​

  • Various websites on the internet.

Additional Info:​

Check out the website of your favorite attractions - famous parks, sanctuaries, museums; chances are they are are offering online viewings till offline is a possibility.

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