Best Highlands, Tea Plantations, And Hill Stations To Visit In Malaysia

Cooling Retreats For Your Next Getaway

best highlands and tea plantations in Malaysia

Hill stations were first established in Malaysia under the British rule as a cool retreat to escape the tropical heat and a reminder of England. Today, these hill stations and highlands retreats throughout Malaysia have developed into popular tourist attractions. From its temperate weather to gorgeous landscape and variety of activities to keep visitors entertained, they make great locations for a weekend away. Little Steps rounds up the top highlands and hill stations around Malaysia you can visit the next time you feel like a short break.

  • Cameron Highlands With Kids


    Home to the Boh Tea plantation, vegetable farms, and flower gardens, Cameron Highlands is located about 200km from Kuala Lumpur and enjoys a moderate climate due to it being set 1,500 meters above sea level. Thanks to its colonial past, you can find interesting British influences such as traditional Colonial buildings and English afternoon tea with scones offered at some of the dining establishments here. Here, you can go strawberry picking, shop for flowers, go jungle trekking at Thompson Falls, or opt to go bird watching or hunt for the Rafflesia flower. Today, this highlands retreat remains a top choice with local tourists looking to enjoy the fresh, cool air as they tuck into some hot pot (or more popularly known as steamboat locally).

    Where To Stay?

    Cameron Highlands Resort

    The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands

    Strawberry Park Resort

  • Bukit Tinggi In Malaysia


    Close enough for a day trip, Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang located 35km from Kuala Lumpur is a small town peppered with Chinese restaurants, vegetable farms, and fruit orchards. Nestled on the Titiwangsa mountain range, the main draw that attracts visitors here is a French-themed village, Colmar Tropicale inspired by the original town of Colmar in Alsace, France. Consisting of hotel rooms, and shops, it’s a nice spot to explore with kids or even an overnight stay. Other attractions are the Japanese Garden where you can participate in a tea ceremony, a rabbit farm, and a botanical garden.

    Where To Stay?

    Colmar Tropicale

    Harmony Valley Retreat

  • Visiting Genting Highlands with kids


    From casinos to hotels, theme parks, shopping, dining, international shows, nightlife, and more, Genting Highlands is dubbed Malaysia's City of Entertainment. There's never a dull moment here as the place is designed to keep you entertained 24 hours a day. Just 45 minutes away from KL city, pack a light jumper, and enjoy the chilly night air as you sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate here. If casinos are not your main interest, you can always hop on the Awana Skyway cable car for a bird's eye view of the surroundings, shop for discounted luxury brands at the Premium Outlets, catch an international live performance, or have a fun time with the kids at the Indoor Theme Park and one of the many kid-friendly attractions.

    Where To Stay?

    Crockfords Hotel

    Theme Park Hotel

    Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residences, Genting Highlands

  • Frasers Hill In Malaysia


    With an average altitude of 1,200 meters high, Fraser's Hill in Pahang is less commercialized compared to other highlands destinations, making it suitable for those who prefer a quieter, slower pace away from crowds. What it lacks in entertainment, it makes up for in terms of its rich landscape and natural surroundings, attracting bird-watchers, hikers, and nature lovers. How to spend your time here? You can visit the Jeriau Waterfall, go paddle boating on Allan's Water, have afternoon tea, go horse riding and play a game of mini-golf.

    Where To Stay?

    Green Acres Fraser's Hill

    Stephen's Place

    Ye Olde Smokehouse Fraser's Hill

  • kandasang in Malaysia


    Sitting at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia is the town of Kundasang in the district of Ranau, Sabah. The air is cool and crisp here, and it attracts tourists from near and far who come to catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountain view and enjoy fresh milk, yogurt, and gelato from the Friesian cows at Desa Cattle Farm. Other places of interest here include the Sabah Tea Gardens and the Kundasang market, while those feeling adventurous can opt to climb Mount Kinabalu.

    Where To Stay?

    Bayu Senja Lodge Kundasang

    Kinabalu Pine Resort

    Spring Garden Kundasang 

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