Top Family-Friendly Island Getaways Around The World

Crystal Clear Beaches And Amazing Sightseeing Spots All In One Place!

Family-friendly Island Getaways Around The World

Escape the stressors of city life with a nice beach getaway! Imagine swimming in crystal clear waters all day long without a care in the world — wouldn’t that be perfect? There are plenty of wonderful island getaway options all around the world, and we’ve handpicked the best ones in this list below!

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  • SANTORINI, GREECE *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    One Of The Most Instagrammable Places

    You most probably would have seen the island of Santorini on travel magazines or social media platforms at least a handful of times. That’s because this Greek island is totally gorgeous, filled with beautiful houses and photogenic alleys. A trip to Santorini not only provides you with a calming environment to relax in, it also allows you to have a constant view of the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. There are also many cool photo spots littered around the island where you can take beautiful photos with the family.

  • BALI, INDONESIA *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Enjoy The Slow Life In Bali

    Bali is one of the top places in Asia for a quick island getaway. It’s generally a pretty relaxing environment, and you can chill with locals who also appreciate a slow pace of life. There are also activities you can enjoy, like visiting their beaches, padi fields or volcanoes, or you may also opt to simply cafe hop all day long. Bali also has an extensive selection of beautiful villas that are able to house large groups of friends or families, most of which have their own backyard pool where you can chill.

  • MAUI, HAWAII *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Learn Surfing In This Tropical Paradise

    Maui is the perfect Hawaiian island to visit if you want to do a little bit of everything. There are beautiful beaches where you can spend your afternoons relaxing at, and various surfing classes catered to beginners and first-time surfers that you can try out. They also have a variety of different day tours that take you to see the wonders of the island, such as waterfalls, volcanoes, rainforests and scenic hiking trails.

  • GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADOR *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Amazing Experience With Wildlife

    If you’re looking for a unique island getaway, why not visit the Galapagos Islands? It’s a beautiful island with an abundance of wildlife. There are also many cruises and tours operating there, which makes it accessible and largely convenient. On the trip, you’ll most probably be able to get up close and personal with a variety of wildlife both on land and sea — imagine how fun snorkelling with turtles will be! Most of the animal species in the Galapagos Islands only exist here, so it’ll be a special treat learning more about them during your trip.

  • MALDIVES, REPUBLIC OF MALDIVES *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    The Open Sea Right At Your Backyard

    There’s no better place for a relaxing getaway than in Maldives. You’ll be surrounded by some of the clearest waters and most pristine beaches that you’ll feel all the stress from city life floating away. Also, most resorts have bungalows located right next to the open sea so you can dive right in for a swim in the backyard. Activities you can try out while in Maldives include Scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and island hopping.

  • OKINAWA, JAPAN *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    The Tranquil Side Of Japan

    If you’ve got a thing for Japan but don’t want a city holiday, why not visit Okinawa, known for its tropical climate and lovely beaches. There are so many things you can do here, starting with snorkelling and diving, as well as relaxing on their beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Japan’s largest aquarium, the Churaumi Aquarium, is also located in Okinawa, and you get to learn about hundreds of sea creatures here. Kids may also want to visit the Pokemon Center, newly opened in August.

  • PHUKET, THAILAND *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Explore Beaches, Caves And Lagoons

    There’s so much to do in Phuket! Of course, there are popular beaches you can visit like the Freedom Beach or Karon Not Beach for some sand and sea. You can also explore Phang Nga Bay, taking a trip through the breathtaking caves and lagoons there. Phi Phi Islands is also a wonderful choice if you’d like to see beaches and cliffs. After dinner, there are many night markets you can visit for snacks and souvenirs!

  • CAPRI, ITALY *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Beautiful Beaches And Gardens

    Capri is an amazing destination with lots of beautiful sights. First up, drop by Marina Piccola, where you can enjoy sunbathing or a dip in the water. Grotta Azzurra is an ethereal flooded cave that’s a must-visit attraction. For some gorgeous fauna, head over to Giardini di Augusto, a beautiful garden that’s littered with Mediterranean plants as well as several statues. Drop by Piazza Umberto I for a bit of food at their outdoor pizzerias and soak in the touristy atmosphere as you people watch.

  • BORA BORA *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Perfect For Couples Who Want A Beach Vacay

    Bora Bora is a romantic destination for a beach getaway. There, you’ll get to relax in crystal clear waters, and some resorts are built right on top of the water so you can jump right in whenever you feel like you want a quick swim. You can also snorkel and get acquainted with sea creatures like reef sharks and stingrays. If you want to explore the island a little more, you can also rent a bicycle and go on a biking adventure together!

  • TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA *Best Island Getaways Around The World

    Beautiful Beaches And Waterfalls

    What’s amazing about Tahiti is that their beaches are filled with clear waters and pearly white sand. Their top attraction is La Place de Maui, a beautiful beach that’s a must-visit location for you to dip your toes or entire body into the gorgeous waters! There are also a couple of spots you can check out for waterfalls, including their Fautaua Waterfall and Faarumai Waterfalls. When you’re tired and need a bit of rest, Richard at Papeete, where you can dine and shop to your heart’s content.

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