You have heard the tales, you have seen the prints…now it is time for you to take the artistic trail into Shenzhen to visit the famous Dafen Oil Painting Art Village In Shenzhen for yourself!

Located 20-minutes from Lo Wu shopping center by taxi, this quiet village is famous for art. In fact, it is the largest producer of oil paintings in the world! Upon arrival, you will find lanes of art galleries featuring original and reproduced paintings in all sizes and shapes. Plus, visit with the artists…most of them are painting outside their galleries. Small paintings range from HK$10 – 50, while large paintings range from HK$300 – 3000+.

The highlights:

*  It’s fun!  This is not the busy Shenzhen you are used to…it’s sweet, quiet, and friendly.

*  Everything is affordable:  It’s rare to cruise lanes and lanes of galleries that won’t hurt your wallet!

*  Kids’ rooms sorted:  Choose from an array of reproduced kiddie-friendly paintings or customize your own. Ballerinas, lions, characters…they can do it all here!

*  Family portraits on the cheap:  Give them a snap, they will make it happen for you.

*  Go custom:  If you prefer not to buy immediately, ask for their card and send them a painting or photography to recreate. They will give a timeline and send you snaps along the way.