Where To Buy Fresh Dates And Kurma In Jakarta?

Bateel In Jakarta

Where to buy dates in Jakarta

A staple fruit of the Middle East, dates, know as kurma in Indonesia are particularly prevalent during the month of Ramadan where they are eaten to break the fast or given as gifts. Entering Ramadan and during the fasting month, we will see mountains of boxes of dates piled up high in the local supermarkets and grocery stores. Some of the most popular stores that offer fresh dates are Bateel. Bateel is a gourmet date store which sells varieties of premium dates. Let’s go!

Bateel is a favorite for families in Jakarta as it offers a wide variety of dates (20 to be exact!). Some of our favorites include Khidri, with its sweet, chewy, raisin-like flesh as well as Kholas, Sekki, Agwa, Madjool and Mactoumi. In addition to the basic fruit, Bateel also sells dates stuffed with candied lemon and pineapple peel as well as almonds and marzipan. And for sheer decadence, there are dates dipped in Belgian chocolate, date cookies, date bars, sparkling date juice drink and other delicacies. The fresh dates comes from Saudi Arabia and you can order in a variety of sizes – premium large, premium medium and choice (small). Enjoy!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Bateel offers the best and the largest variety of dates with premium packaging in Jakarta. Bateel dates make fabulous gifts due to the rich quality and elegant packaging.

Who It's Perfect For:

Not only for Ramadan, with a wide selection of luxurious and traditional packaging, Bateel offers suitable choices for all occasions.  Each package has a selection of gourmet chocolates, dates or cookies.

What Else:​

Bateel is also moving into other gourmet products like chocolate, biscuit and cookies and also cafe items such as arabica ground coffee, arabica whole bean coffee, date pesto, date mustard, olive oil, vinegar and more.

Where To Find It:​

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