10 Yummy Indonesian Snacks And Dishes To Try This Month With Kids

Unique And Tasty Traditional Indonesian Food For Kids And The Best Places To Get Them

Jajanan Pasar Indonesian Snacks And Dishes To Try This Month

On August 17th, Indonesia celebrates Independence Day with festivals, fireworks, and more. Whether you are a local or a foreigner living in Indonesia, why not celebrate the occasion with traditional Indonesian food this year? Little Steps have rounded up the top kid-friendly Indonesian snacks and dishes to try and where to get them! Keep reading and get ready for an awesome culinary adventure!

  • Lemper Ayam Wrapped In Banana Leaves Sticky Rice Indonesian Food To Try This Month

    LEMPER: Sticky Rice With Chicken

    Kids Favorite Rice "Ball" Wrapped In Banana Leaf

    Lemper is one of the Indonesian kids' favorite snacks. Wrapped in banana leaves, sticky rice cooked in coconut milk is shaped into an elongated ball or box and stuffed with cooked shredded chicken. They are easy for kids to eat as they fit nicely into small hands, and the experience of ripping the banana leaves as you eat is nostalgic. If you like lemper, try Semar Mendem which is basically lemper wrapped in an egg crepe.

    Where to buy:

    • Le Gourmet Bread Boutique, all over Jakarta. Click here for locations.
    • Monami Bakery, all over Jakarta, Click here for locations.
  • Nostalgic Colorful Cookies Kue Monas Indonesian Food To Try WIth Kids

    KUE MONAS: Tiny Biscuits With Colorful Top

    Nostalgic Snack Kue Monas With Colorful Top

    Kue Monas has many different names. Kue Kancing, Kue icing, Gemrose, and Kue Bahagia are just a few of them! The names vary depending on where you are. Regardless of what you call them, Kue Monas is a delicious little sweet treat that kids would love! They’re small, thumbnail-sized biscuits topped with a swirl of colorful icing. You can usually buy them at Indonesian snack stores like Snack Zone, or you can get them online. If you want, you can also try making them yourself! They use simple ingredients, and there are tons of recipes to try online.

    Snack Zone, in various malls in Jakarta, or on Tokopedia, Instagram

  • Sate Ayam Chicken Satay Peanut Sauce Best Indonesian Food To Try This Month

    SATE AYAM: Grilled Chicken On Skewers With Peanut Sauce

    Chicken Satay On Skewers With Sweet Yet Savory Peanut Sauce

    There's no denying that kids love food on sticks. From ice cream and lollipops to hotdogs on a stick, they will munch on them as if their lives depend on them. When it comes to Indonesian food on a stick, Sate Ayam or Chicken Satay is one of the local favorites. Chicken meat strung on a bamboo stick, grilled to perfection on charcoals, and covered with sweet peanut sauce. Pair it up with lontong (rice cake) to complete the dish.

    Where to get them:

    Sate Khas Senayan, all over Jakarta. Click here to see the locations.

  • Nasi Tumpeng Kuning On Tampah Indonesian Food To Try THis Month

    NASI TUMPENG KUNING: Mountain Shaped Yellow Rice With Assorted Side Dishes

    Indonesian Must Have Dish For Celebrations And Parties

    Anytime there is a celebration in an Indonesian household, you can almost bet there's Nasi Tumpeng on the menu. This cone-shaped rice is traditionally cooked with turmeric and coconut milk along with other spices, giving it a bright yellow color and fragrant aroma. The cone is erected on a 'tampah', a woven round tray made from bamboo, and is surrounded by assorted side dishes like seasoned boiled eggs, shredded chicken, tempeh, and more. Lately, you can find individual-sized 'Mini Tumpeng' or Nasi Tumpeng with different flavors.

    Where To Buy:

    Tumpeng Bunda, +6285782128162, www.tumpengbunda.com, Instagram

  • Indomie Mie Goreng Instant Noodle Indonesian Food To Try This Month

    INDOMIE MIE GORENG: Instant Noodle

    The Best Instant Noodle In The World

    Okay, some would say this is not traditional at all, but any Indonesian would agree that Indomie Mie Goreng is the best instant noodle, period. Dubbed the best instant ramen in the world by the LA Times, Indomie Mie Goreng is a must-try. You can go a step further and try this comfort food in Java, outside Java, and the exported ones. Yes, they are different. It's so simple to make, and you can top it off with a sunny side up and sprinkle chopped green onions on top. Find this amazing instant noodle at your local grocery stores.

    Where to get themBest Online Grocery Delivery Websites And Apps In Jakarta

  • Soto Betawi With Coconut Milk Best Indonesian Food TO Try THis Month

    SOTO BETAWI: Savory Beef Soup With Coconut Milk

    A Jakarta Original!

    This soup dish is a Jakarta original. The beef cubes and slices of tomatoes cooked in broth and coconut milk with spices make great lunch or dinner served with steamed rice. If you want to be adventurous, opt for the all-in soto. That would usually include beef tripes, lungs, and more. Some restaurants offer a clear-broth version and a pan-fried version with soup on the side.

    Where to get them:

  • Martabak Manis Terang Bulan Bangka Indonesian Food To Try THis Month

    MARTABAK MANIS: Thick Sweet Pancake With Toppings

    Amazing Indonesian Snack For Those With A Sweet Tooth

    A piping hot, fresh-from-the-pan Martabak Manis is just out of this world. This thick pancake is originally topped with nuts, sesame seeds, chocolate sprinkles, and grated cheddar along with margarine or butter with condensed milk. Lately, however, they have modernized the toppings and added fancier options like Ovomaltine, Toblerone, Red Velvet, and more. If you see a "special" version, that usually means they use butter instead of just margarine.

    Where to get them:

    • Martabak Pecenongan 43, many locations in Jakarta, Instagram
    • Martabak Sinar Bulan, Jl. Muara Karang Raya No.102, Jakarta, +628129183102
    • Martabak Pecenongan 65A, Jl. Pecenongan Raya No.65A, martabak65a.com
  • A Tray Of Fried Tempeh Indonesian Food To Try WIth Kids

    TEMPE GORENG: Fermented Soy Beans Fried In Many Ways

    Protein-Packed Snacks - Kids' Favorite!

    Tempe (Tempeh) goreng is a delicious savory treat for all to enjoy! Tempe is fermented soybean, and it’s very soft when fresh. Not only they are yummy but they are also packed with easy-to-digest nutrients after fermenation. Moreover, there are dozens of different kinds of fried tempeh you can try! There are thinly-sliced ones, which are crispy and resemble potato chips; there’s also Tempe Goreng Tepung, which is covered in batter and then fried; and of course, there’s the classic fried soft block of soy, best eaten with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). They’re very easy to cook at home, just buy a raw block of tempeh, slice it, season to taste, and fry or bake!

    Where to get themBest Online Grocery Delivery Websites And Apps In Jakarta


  • Balapis Manado Layered Cake Indonesian Snack To Try With Kids

    BALAPIS: Sticky Layered Cake

    Sweet Sticky Snack

    A sweet traditional treat from Manado, North Sulawesi! Balapis is a sticky layered pudding-like cake, usually pandan or chocolate flavored. They’re easy to eat, and taste excellent too! Kids love peeling each layer one by one and savoring the sweet flavor. You can buy them as a dessert at a lot of Manadonese restaurants, or in online stores. Balapis is a bit tricky to make at home, but there are tons of recipes to follow online that’ll make it easier!

    Where to get them: 

    Beautika, 3 locations in Central And South Jakarta, beautika-manado.com

  • Soto Mie Puri H Darjo Indonesian Food To Try With Kids Jakarta

    SOTO MIE: Beef Noodle Soup

    Beef Broth Soup With Crispy Rolls

    You can’t go wrong with some Soto Mie on a rainy day! Soto Mie is a beef broth soup that is full of delicious spices, filled with shaved cabbages, tomatoes, beef, and two different types of noodles: rice vermicelli and yellow egg noodles. There are two areas in Indonesia famous for their Soto Mie: Jakarta (Betawi) and Bogor. Either one of them is delicious, topped with fried vermicelli-stuffed spring rolls and sometimes meatballs and tofu as well.  Don't forget to add the chili sauce and squeeze the kaffir lime right before eating!

    Where to get them:

    Soto Mie Puri Pak H. Darjo, Samping toko kue triniti Jalan Raya Kembangan, Komplek Rukan Puri Kembangan Blok A 3,  Jakarta, +6281219993585, Instagram

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