Your Bookazine And Partytime Hong Kong Gift Guide 2023 – Books, Gifts, Stationary, And More!

Top Gifts And Books For 2023 In Hong Kong!

Welcome to the ultimate gift guide for parents, featuring a curated selection of items from Bookazine and Partytime. From captivating books like “Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite Foods” and “The Harry Potter Wizarding Almanac,” to unique gifts such as the “Flask in a Self Help Book” and the “Plasma Lava Lamp,” there is something for everyone on your list. Additionally, Partytime offers an array of festive party decorations for Christmas, kids’ parties, and New Year celebrations, ensuring that your next gathering is a memorable one.

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  • Best Advent Calendar Bookazine

    AMAZING ADVENT CALENDARS TO BUY NOW: Top Picks For The Holidays By Bookazine

    Discover the enchantment of the holiday season with a variety of themed advent calendars, from Harry Potter magic to Tinc's delightful surprises, bookish gifts for readers, and the beloved Peppa Pig's festive collection of mini storybooks.

    Cute Advent Calendars For 2023 In Hong Kong:


  • Bookspoke Hong Kong

    BOOKSPOKE AND GIFT CARDS: The Ultimate Monthly Book Subscription For Book Lovers Of All Ages + Bookazine Gift Cards

    BookSpoke, Bookazine’s book subscription service, is the perfect gift for you or someone special to discover great new books, authors and even chocolate! Every month you will receive a new book curated by our book experts and handpicked especially for you or your
    loved one.

    Book Subscription And Gift Cards In Hong Kong:

  • THE BEST BOOKS FOR KIDS GIFTS 2023: Top Picks For The Holidays By Bookazine

    Bookazine has handpicked a sensational collection of books that will make the perfect gifts for kids this holiday season! Get ready to embark on a literary adventure like no other as we unveil a treasure trove of captivating stories and enchanting illustrations. From whimsical tales of magical creatures to thrilling adventures in far-off lands, these books will ignite the imaginations of young readers and transport them to extraordinary worlds. Whether your child loves tales of bravery, mysteries waiting to be solved, or heartwarming stories that touch the soul, our curated selection has something for every young bookworm.

    Best Books For Kids Gifts 2023:

    • Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite Foods - Grace Lin, a Newbery and Caldecott honoree, and bestselling author, presents a groundbreaking, beautifully illustrated, and richly written full-color book that delves into the enchanting myths and stories behind beloved American Chinese cuisine.
    • Cat Kid Comic Club: Influencers (Dav Pilkey) - In the midst of a crisis, The Cat Kid Comic Club faces anxiety and doubt as they await the publication of one of their comics, but with a mix of humor, action-packed mini-comics, and the gentle guidance of bestselling author-illustrator Dav Pilkey, the baby frogs find their creative groove, discover leadership, and learn the power of openness, kindness, and imagination, making it a hysterical, thought-provoking, and inspiring read for all ages.
    • Guinness World Records 2024 - Immerse yourself in a vast collection of new and classic records spanning rollercoasters, robots, movie props, and gaming, all centered around the captivating theme of the BLUE PLANET, featuring chapters on mesmerizing sea creatures, expansive coral reefs, and intriguing shipwrecks, accompanied by Rod Hunt's stunning aquatic-themed cover.
    • The Harry Potter Wizarding Almanac (J.K. Rowling) - Embark on a whimsical journey to the enchanting wizarding world of Harry Potter through this captivating and comprehensive illustrated companion, brimming with magical lists, charts, maps, and captivating insights into the realm of witches, wizards, fantastic beasts, and the intricacies of wandlore and spell-casting.
    • The Cat Who Taught Zen - James Norbury's enchanting book, "The Cat Who Taught Zen," takes readers on a transformative journey alongside a wise cat as he encounters a variety of animals, ultimately discovering profound wisdom in his search for an ancient pine and encountering unexpected lessons along the way.
  • THE BEST BOOKS FOR ADULTS 2023: Top Picks For The Holidays By Bookazine

    Explore the Best Books for Adult Gifts in 2023, featuring a powerful memoir by Britney Spears, a transformative guide to financial success by Vivian Tu, Arnold Schwarzenegger's rules for discovering true purpose, a captivating novel set in New York, and a significant volume highlighting the collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton.

    Best Books For Adult Gifts 2023:

    • The Woman in Me (Britney Spears) - The Woman in Me is a powerful and deeply moving memoir that chronicles Britney Spears' courageous journey of freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope, as she shares her truth and reshapes her life, leaving an indelible impact on herself and countless others while highlighting the significance of owning one's narrative and the enduring power of music and love.
    • Rich AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change Your Life (Vivian Tu) - In a world where the rich continue to amass wealth while the majority struggle to make ends meet, the elusive secrets of financial success have traditionally been shared among privileged circles, leaving many wondering how to navigate a system that seems stacked against them.
    • Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - Arnold Schwarzenegger distills his own journey of relentless reinvention and extraordinary accomplishments into seven rules that anyone can follow to discover their true purpose in life.
    • A Winter In New York: A Novel (Josie Silver) - In this captivating novel by the New York Times bestselling author of One Day in December, a young chef discovers a secret family recipe at a gelateria in New York's Little Italy, leading her on a journey of love and self-discovery amidst the challenges of preserving the recipe and navigating unexpected secrets.
    • Yaoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton: Creating Infinity (Jo Ann Furniss) - This significant volume showcases the dynamic collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton, featuring Kusama's artwork and fashion collection, exploring the artistic themes that inspired the project, and including contributions from renowned experts in fashion and art, as well as statements from influential contemporary artists and creative figures who reflect on Kusama's profound impact and her unique artistic philosophy.
  • UNIQUE HONG KONG INSPIRED GIFTS 2023: Top Picks For The Holidays By Bookazine

    Discover a collection of unique Hong Kong-inspired gifts for 2023, including Sound of ice-cream adult crew socks, a stunning HK Montage Print, HK-themed wine charms, and the exquisite Portus Cale Gold Blue Candle Set of 3.

    Unique Hong Kong-Inspired Gifts For 2023:

  • BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS AND TWEENS/TEENS 2023: Top Picks For The Holidays By Bookazine

    Discover the top gifts from Bookazine for kids in 2023, featuring fun stocking stuffers like the Jellyroos Christmas Collection and Needoh Squishmas Groovy the Glowman, exciting board games including Monopoly: Barbie Edition and Pig Pile, and trendy gifts for tweens and teens like the Plasma Lava Lamp.

    Fun Stocking Stuffers For Kids:

    Board Games That Rock 2023:

    Gifts For Tweens And Teens 2023:

  • CHRISTMAS DECOR GALORE 2023: Partytime Christmas 2023

    Get ready to celebrate the Christmas and holiday season with Partytime's festive selection of balloons, pinatas, crackers, stockings, sacks, headbands, napkins....the list is endless! Partytime has curated an exciting selection of products for your New Year's Eve parties too. Stocking everything from poppers to blowouts, top hats, champagne glasses and everything else you need to ring in the New Year in style. And for those hosting holiday birthday parties, discover our ranges of party decorations and more for both kids and adults.

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