Tis’ the season to learn a new skill…prepare to get cultured in the art of Chinese painting! KA Atelier runs intimate Chinese Painting classes for adults and kids ages 6 and up.

Founder Carole Leung, opened the private studio and gallery in her apartment on hip Star Street in Wan Chai. The quaint space exudes warmth – from the beautiful art books and supplies, to the large windows and plants, to the groovy jazz tunes, and her own watercolors hanging on the wall.

Choose to take a class with your child for some bonding time and learning side-by-side. Or drop off, and treat yourself to some time in one of Hong Kong’s coolest neighborhoods!


What you will learn? 

*  The history and evolution of traditional and modern Chinese painting, its techniques and styles.

*  Brush holding techniques and how to properly dip into the ink.

*  Painting concepts including simple lines of various shades and widths. The remainder of the class is dedicated to painting bamboo trunks, branches, and leaves. As students progress, Carole teaches the more advanced technique of painting flowers, insects, and fruits.