Where To Get Your Covid-19 Tests In Hong Kong? – PCR Tests, Same-Day Tests, Affordable, And More

Public and Private Testing Options For Residents And Visitors In Hong Kong

best place to get covid test in hong kong 2022

There are so many options for Covid-19 testing in Hong Kong. This is good news! Hong Kongers don’t have to go far to get the test they need (in some cases, you won’t even have to leave home with online purchase and delivery of at-home tests). We’ve found the most updated information on the best places to get tested, whether you’re choosing to go to a public hospital, testing center, or private clinic. Plus, we’ll share the best at-home testing packs and answer some frequently asked questions for all you need to know about your COVID-19 test in Hong Kong.


  1. Get a Covid-19 test in Hong kong

    Who Should Get Tested For Covid-19 In Hong Kong?

    Learn About The Compulsory And Recommended Testing Conditions

    The Hong Kong government has recommended compulsory conditions for residents and visitors to Hong Kong to test for Covid-19. The recommended circumstance to take a Covid-19 test is if you have developed any of these symptoms.

    Compulsory testing for Covid-19 Hong Kong

    The compulsory testing notice was announced in the epidemic control strategy for Hong Kong. This includes:

    • Household members or anyone else in close contact with a positive Covid-19 case (before/without the government’s notification) should also take a test.
    • Anyone who has arrived in Hong Kong from an International destination.
    • People who are employed in certain professions where regular testing is now a part of the work attendance policy.
    • If you’re traveling overseas, it’s almost certain that every airline will require you to present a negative Covid test.
    • People who have been in close contact with individuals that are confirmed recent positive cases of Covid-19. The government will be notifying people through various means if they are required to take a compulsory test. If you have been present at one of the specific premises on the daily updated list published by the Hong Kong government, you must be tested

    It’s best to check the following list every day if you have been going out to public places during the times and days recorded to be sure if you need to test yourself in the case of a positive case being present at the same place you visited.

    The daily updated list from the Centre for Health Protection can be found here:

    If you’re unsure of whether you should get tested for Covid-19, you can contact the CHP hotline for advice here: 2125 1111 or 2125 1122 (from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily )

  2. community testing centres in hong kong

    Public Testing for Covid-19 In Hong Kong: Community Centers

    Find Community Testing Centers And Public Hospitals

    Community Testing Centers in Hong Kong

    • These centers can be found in many areas of Hong Kong. For individuals who are required to get tested (compulsory testing), they are able to access Covid-19 tests from the community centers for free. For all others, there is a fee.
    • Generally, the way that these centers work is that you’ll bring your identity documents and your booking confirmation (unless you’re a walk-in). Upon registering, you’ll get a specimen collection bottle and a serial number for the test.
    • The medical staff will collect your sample with a throat and nasal swab. You’ll get a reference number and results will be sent over email via SMS within 24-48 hours.

    How to Book a Covid-19 Test in a Community Testing Centre Hong Kong

    • It’s essential to book your test online after you’ve found a community testing center that suits you. With the recent surge in the people of Hong Kong getting tested, appointments are filling up fast in these centers.
    • You’ll have to check the availability online and use your HKID card, birth certificate/passport, and a local phone number to book your slot. Walk-ins are accepted, however, that generally means that you’ll be waiting in line much longer than anyone with a booking.
    • Find a Hong Kong Community Testing Centre here:

    Hong Kong Public Hospital Covid-19 Tests

    • For the public hospital Covid-19 testing in Hong Kong, you’ll see a doctor for a consultation before you take a test. The doctor determines your eligibility for a test, taking into account your symptoms or who you may have been in contact with recently.
    • The test itself at a public hospital (nasal swap) is generally free. Only the doctor's consultation needs to be paid for. The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has an easy inquiry hotline for people unsure of whether to get tested at a public hospital, or at home. The phone number is +852 2125 1122
    • There are currently 43 public hospitals in Hong Kong as of February 2022. Research more about the public hospitals near you and find their contact information to enquire about your covid-19 test here.
  3. private testing for covid in hong kong

    Private Testing Hospitals, Airport Options, And Clinics For Covid-19 In Hong Kong

    Find Private Hospitals And Clinics For Your Covid-19 Test

    Private Hospitals And Clinics To Get A Covid-19 Test Hong Hong

    The Hong Kong Government has issued an approved list of private hospitals, labs, and clinics to get Covid-19 testing that will be valid for travel and official purposes. There may not be many appointments available each day, so it’s recommended to not walk in for the test, but instead to make a booking.

    You’ll need to pay for the doctor’s consultation as well as the test itself. Depending on how fast you need the results, the price will vary. Check with each hospital for the exact prices of their tests and to book an appointment.

  4. Nurse Administered At-Home COVID-19 Testing In Hong Kong:

    Receive A Test From A Professional At Your Home Or In Your Office

    Many companies in Hong Kong offer professionally administered COVID-19 testing at home or the office. The following professionals provide this at-home service. Negative test results are generally emailed back, or hard copies can be couriered to you.

  5. At-Home Self-Administered Covid-19 Testing Hong Kong:

    Where To Buy DIY Covid-Tests Hong Kong

    If you wish to stay home and find a test that you can do yourself, there are lots of Rapid Antigen, Antibody, and some PCR tests online. You can easily purchase them and have them delivered. Note that these tests are generally not accepted for travel purposes, but they are good for personal use.

    Some of the most popular sites to buy at-home Covid-19 tests in Hong Kong include:

    See the entire list and guide to at-home Covid-19 testing in this guide.

  6. Hong Kong PCR Tests

    Where To Get RT-PCR COVID Tests For Travel Overseas In Hong Kong?

    Most airlines are requiring PCR tests for all passengers (kids too).  The first step is to check with the airline and the destination requirements.  You should also watch for transit requirements (especially if staying longer than 24-hours).  Many places from the below list do conduct PCR tests but they can take 1-2 days for results.  It's important to understand your requirements to make sure this does not hit you accidentally (USA required same-day PCR tests, for example, a 48-hour test will make it impossible to board).  The easiest option for PCR tests is the Test & Fly offered by Prenetics at the Hong Kong International Airport.  You book online, you arrive before your flight and you get your results back fast (2-hours).  It's also 1/3 the price compared to other places in Hong Kong.  You must book in advance.

    Places To Get Affordable PCR Tests In Hong Kong:

    • Prenetics Testing At The Airport (HK$499) - Book online with fast results!
    • Community Centers And Mobile Testing Options (HK$240) - Long waits can happen and result in timing is not always reliable but within 24-48 hours. Walk-in is an option. Bring your HKID card, birth certificate, or passport, plus a local phone number to receive your booking confirmation and results.

    Private Hospitals Offering PCR Tests In Hong Kong:

    Private Clinics Offering RT-PCR Tests In Hong Kong:

    • OT&P (HK$1000-1950) - 24-48 hours you get results
    • Central Health - (HK$1,100 consult fee, HK$950 lab fee, HK$300 express service fee)
    • Quality Health Care (HK$680-1080) - Offers regular and express
  7. Prenetics Airport PCR Testing Hong Kong

    Need A Same Day RT-PCR COVID Test For Your Flight Out Of Hong Kong?

    Here Are Your Options For Same-Day COVID Tests And Airport PCR Testing

    Do you need a same-day PCR test in Hong Kong?For certain flights leaving Hong Kong, a same-day COVID PCR test is required.  While there are private hospitals that can offer this option, if you are flying, we recommend you check the affordable and easy Prenetics option at the airport.  They offer a Test & Fly COVID 19 Rapid RT-PCR Test where you can book online for your PCR test that is administered at the airport and within 2 hours, you receive your results.  Plus, the affordable price beats any other option in the city (HK$499)!

    Test & Fly” Departure COVID-19 Rapid RT-PCR Test,

    Other Same Day PCR Testing Options In Hong Kong:

Additional Info:​

Important Information To Know About Covid-19 Testing Hong Kong

Procedures For Testing Children For Covid-19 In Hong Kong

For children under 3 years old, the Community Testing Centres or nasal swab testing is not suitable. There are private clinics and hospitals that will be able to test children. Publicly, there are some locations where you can pick up a stool bottle to test your children this way. If parents have been notified that they must undergo compulsory testing (more info on that below) and wondering how this impacts their children, call: 6275 6901


This website is a great source of information on all updates related to the evolving Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong:


For travelers needing to quarantine upon arrival to Hong Kong, you can find a list of designated hotels for Covid-testing here:

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