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Top Parenting Workshops And Courses In Hong Kong

Best Parenting Help + Information + Training & More!

Parenting Workshops And Courses In Hong Kong

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever have. It’s undeniable that parenting comes with many joys but also significant challenges along the way. So whether it’s adjusting to parenthood, the terrible twos, or stroppy teens, we’ve found some great parenting courses and workshops to help you deal with the ups and downs.


  • Conscious Parenting Sonia Samtani Hong Kong

    SONIA SAMTANI: Parental Workshops, Private Sessions And More!

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of All About You and she has been coaching, counseling, training, and offering therapy since 2005. She offers help in resolving deep-rooted issues from childhood trauma to depression and so much more.

    For those of you who have met her, you understand her wealth of knowledge. She is one of Hong Kong’s gems – helping individuals and families through her personal and group workshops. For more information or to schedule a private session – click here!

    Check out our Little Steps guide to all her upcoming workshops and our Little Steps Facebook Live With Sonia Samtani about Conscious Parenting, Handling Stress And Setting Boundaries

    Sonia Samtani - All About You Centre,

  • UPBRIGHT: Bespoke Services, Parental Classes And Seminars

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    Anoush Davies is the founder of UpBright and is a mother of three bilingual boys who currently live in Hong Kong. She uses a combination of practical and realistic tools backed up by years of scientific research and experience.

    UpBright offers Bespoke Services that include individual coaching and family consultations; Parental classes that help parents learn to deal with the challenges of parenting and how their actions can make s huge difference to the behavior of their children, and they hold Seminars & Webinars on various topics relating to personal development and family.

    UpBright, +852 5639 1755 (Whatsapp),,

  • HKU SPACE: Parenting Workshops & Psychology Courses

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    HKU SPACE offers parenting workshops to new and experienced parents of young children with different sets of parenting skills from the perspective of psychology. They teach basic psychological techniques that any parent can learn in order to make their lives simpler and happier.

    Below are the short courses and parenting workshops:

    • Positive Psychology of Parenting (Infant to Young Children)
    • Emotion Coaching for Parents and Educators
    • Introduction to Educational Psychology

    For more selection of psychology courses,  click here!


  • THE HONG KONG CATHOLIC MARRIAGE ADVISORY COUNCIL: KID First Specialised Co-Parenting Support Centre

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council has a KID First Specialised Co-parenting Support Centre that offers co-parenting support services to separated/divorcing/divorced parents and their children.

    Assisting families in recovering from the emotional turmoil of divorce, adopting a new interactive pattern, working out their co-parenting plan, and facilitating the children to have stable and safe contact with both parents.

    Offering several parental services from “Co-parenting” Counselling services to “Child-focused” Co-parenting workshops and Talk and so much more!

    The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council,

  • MINDNLIFE: Educational Assessments, Counseling & Psychotherapy

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    MindnLife offers educational assessments, counseling, and psychotherapy for adults, children, couples, and families, as well as parenting courses firmly based on psychology data and research. Therapeutic approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-focused Brief Therapy, motivational techniques, and Mindfulness through Client-Centered Therapy. Located in Central.

    MindnLife, Suite 1202, Chinachem Hollywood Centre,
    1 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong,,

  • FAMILY COUNCIL: Happy Family Info Hub

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    The Family Council has a Happy Family Info Hub with some great resources on parental education available in Chinese and some in English.

    The Parent Academy is provided by the Hong Kong Education City and offers the latest parenting resources, free online courses, interactive functions, and valuable tips for parents. There is also the eParent site (only available in Chinese), which offers online and face-to-face parenting courses for parents with children who are in kindergarten. Courses include children's discipline and development, English phonetics, and mathematics. And finally, there is the Committee on Home-School Co-operation site that regularly uploads and updates information on home-school co-operation activities.

    Family Council

  • THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTRE: Triple P Parenting Course

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    The Child Development Centre offers a Triple P Parenting Course, also known as positive parenting. This course is designed to give parents/caregivers the necessary tools to manage their child’s challenging and positive behaviors.

    The Triple P courses are available on a flexible basis throughout the year. Each class runs for 8 sessions with 4 2-hour group sessions, 3 individual face-to-face (or telephone sessions), and a final group session.

    Child Development Centre,

  • THE HONG KONG ACADEMY FOR GIFTED EDUCATION: Parenting Courses With Gifted Children

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education provides parents who have children that are gifted with specialized classes that will aid them in understanding their talents in order to offer them a supportive home environment.

    Offering a range of classes from basic and introductory programs to more comprehensive courses for parents with varied backgrounds. The aim is to strengthen the parenting skills of parents with gifted children; and provide a platform where parents can interactively learn from each other.

    The Hong Kong Academy For Gifted Education,

  • PARENTING DIALOGUE: Effective Parenting Courses & Private Sessions

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    Marie is a consultant and facilitator for Parenting Dialogue. Marie helps people raise self-esteem, motivate others and communicate effectively. She offers private sessions for parents. The sessions can be conducted in your office, home, online or elsewhere. She offers two parenting course, the first, Effective parenting for young children (11 & under) and the second, Effective parenting for teenagers (12+). Help create a happy home life and sign up today!

    Parenting Dialogue,

  • OPEN PATH: Parenting Courses For Anger Management, Divorce, And Domestic Violence

    Best Parenting Workshops In Hong Kong

    Open Path is an online platform that offers various courses on topics such as Anger Management, Divorce, Parenting 101, and more.

    Some of the main topics in the Parenting 101 course are the differences between discipline and teaching versus punishment and control. The online course also touches on important subjects such as establishing rules, expectations, boundaries, and how to create emotionally strong, resilient, and responsible children.

    Open Path,

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