A Holistic Approach With Restore Integrative Medical Clinic

Combining Conventional And Complementary Medicine For Optimal Health

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Restore Integrative Medical Clinic combines conventional and complementary medicine to help restore the body to optimal health. They work as a team to find the root causes of underlying health issues, then use combination therapies to help remove toxins, restore the gut, and bring hormonal and metabolic balance to the body.

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Their team is functional medicine trained and adopt a holistic approach to find the root cause of diseases. The overall goal is to make changes to the diet, lifestyle and use nutraceuticals to restore the body to more optimal health.

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They also have a range of tailor-made IV drips, which help boost well-being and health. Read on to find out more or click here!

  • Family and Functional Medicine Health Services

    The common conditions they see include hormonal issues ranging from menopause, testosterone replacement to thyroid disorders and functional gut issues including SIBO and leaky gut, as well as toxin-related illnesses including exposure to heavy metals and mold issues.

  • Optimal Healing

    Their team of integrative health professionals include a functional medicine-trained doctor, a nutritionist, a mental health counselor, a holistic physiotherapist, a TCM trained acupuncturist, a chiropractor, an osteopath and a bioresonance practitioner. They work together in coordinated care to help the body achieve optimal healing.

    Their approach is to help the body achieve healing through physical therapy, mental health counseling, nutrition coaching, energy healing and medical interventions. They also have an in-house aesthetics and medispa to offer innovative anti-aging facials regenerative hair treatments.

  • Age Management

    At Restore, they offer a range of regenerative aesthetics services to help the skin and hair with age management. Regenerative medicine harnesses and manage the body’s natural potential to repair, restore and rejuvenate damaged or ageing cells and structures to a more healthy and youthful state.

    Their unique regenerative hair and skin programs work to regenerate ageing hair follicles and skin collagen to help reverse the effects of ageing. Other treatments include face and neck massages and specialized facials including anti-ageing and acne facials.

  • Restore Integrative Medical Clinic

    IV Drips

    Tailor-Made Drips To Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss, Liver Detoxification & More
    Restore Integrative Medical Clinic offers IV therapies that can provide you with a range of health and wellness benefits. During an IV infusion, your body receives nutrients directly into the bloodstream, and by bypassing the digestive system, it can absorb 100% of what it needs to feel your optimal best. Some possible benefits include helping boost your immune system, supporting liver cleanse and detoxification, and improving fatigue and sleep.
    Other health benefits may include:
    • Boosting your metabolism and weight loss
    • Alleviating hangover symptoms
    • Treating certain nutrient deficiencies where possible
    • Helping the elimination of toxins in the body
    • Boosting energy levels
    • Relieving stress and fatigue
    • Anxiety relief
    • Improving skin hydration

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