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Where to Find Babysitters, Nannies, and Part-Time Help in Hong Kong?

Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

Part Time Babysitters And Nannies In Hong Kong

Need assistance with childcare and housekeeping in Hong Kong? Discover a variety of options for hiring nannies, babysitters, maids, and other part-time help with our comprehensive guide. Explore reliable companies and platforms offering professional services to suit your family’s needs. Whether you’re seeking bilingual nannies or experienced babysitters, find the perfect match for your little ones with ease. Additionally, get tips on laundry and grocery delivery services, restaurant food delivery apps, and support for moms in Hong Kong. Simplify your daily life and ensure a well-cared-for home with our top recommendations!


  • NANNY AND BABYSITTING SERVICE IN HONG KONG: Nannies And Babysitters In Hong Kong

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Prefer to have a nanny or babysitter over a full-time domestic helper, no problem, plenty of great options in Hong Kong:

    • Babysitter.hk is one of the largest childcare networks in Hong Kong. They have over 5,000 professional full-time and part-time nannies, babysitters, confinement nannies, and child tutors available. They also have nanny and babysitting candidates with a variety of native languages, so you’re bound to find someone who suits your family and cultural needs. Easily filter through a wide range of options, whether it's a bilingual nanny, a flexible weekend babysitter, or someone experienced in caring for kids with special needs. Finding the perfect match for your little ones has never been easier with Babysits!
    • The Nanny Experts specialize in offering exceptional babysitting services to families in Hong Kong and worldwide. They are dedicated to providing trained and experienced babysitters who ensure that children are in safe and caring hands. Understanding the importance of language in nurturing a child's development, The Nanny Experts offer bilingual babysitters fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more.
    • Nanny & Me - They are a team of expats with extensive childcare experience, dedicated to offering the right support whenever families need it. Their candidates undergo careful vetting, police checks, and a thorough three-stage interview process to ensure the highest standards of care.
    • Rent-A-Mum has a small army of English-speaking professionals to be your nanny or provide occasional daytime childcare/babysitting. Rent-A-Mum can even help when you are going for a short trip without the little ones or need a helping hand while waiting for your helper to get processed. Their flexibility allows them to accommodate last-minute requests, ensuring that parents can enjoy their time with peace of mind, knowing their little ones are in capable hands.
    • Hong Kong Teen PT is a Facebook group where those looking for childcare can connect with teenagers who enjoy watching children for a little extra cash. Once you’ve been accepted into the Facebook group, you can post your babysitting request and communicate with the teens and their parents through the group.
    • In Western societies, some families trade babysitting nights with other families, so that both sets of adults can take turns going out without having to pay for a babysitter. The Hong Kong Babysitting Co-op Facebook group has decided to bring that concept to Hong Kong, so join this group if you’re up for a trade
  • HOME CLEANING SERVICES IN HONG KONG: Part-Time Housekeepers And Maids In Hong Kong

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Housekeeping services at Lazy, Merry Maids, Johnson Group, and Prestige Home Services make it easy to keep your home just the way you want it. Their cleaners can pop by to help with your day-to-day housework and even do a deep clean for moving in/out.

  • LAUNDRY SERVICES IN HONG KONG: Door-To-Door Laundry, Dry Cleaning And Ironing In Hong Kong

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Who said doing laundry is a chore? Sunshine Laundry provides door-to-door dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services in various locations throughout Hong Kong. BONI is an online platform that started in 2015 to build a bridge between traditional laundry and clients in the digital era. Its mission is to provide laundry and dry cleaning delivery services on demand. Keeping yourself looking fresh and crisp is easy with Vogue Laundry. Owned by Cathay Pacific Airways, this service offers pick-up and drop-off laundry services all over Hong Kong. Fresh Laundry Express has been around for over 20 years and they pride themselves on being professional and reliable!

    For our full guide to Laundry Services - click here!  More below...

  • PART-TIME HELPERS IN HONG KONG: Free Government Resource For Finding Legal Part-Time Help In Hong Kong (Smart Living)

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    A free government program that runs a job board to help you find local, legal domestic help. Local domestic helpers can help you with cooking and cleaning without needing to live-in. What a find!

  • GROCERY DELIVERY IN HONG KONG: Getting Your Groceries Delivered To Your Door

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Getting groceries in Hong Kong can sometimes feel more like a scavenger hunt than a leisurely shopping trip. Fortunately, more and more online delivery services are popping up to help make feeding your family a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a general one-stop online shop or have more specific dietary needs, there are plenty of options.

    Little Steps Guides To Online Groceries In Hong Kong:

  • Order-In Food Delivery

    FOOD DELIVERY IN HONG KONG: Top Food Delivery Apps

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Too busy to whip up something in the kitchen but you can’t stomach another cup-a-noodle? Let these delivery services come to the rescue! From Uber Eats to Foodpanda to Deliveroo, it’s all in here. This handy guide that we have compiled, is a list of all our favorite food and restaurant delivery websites and apps in Hong Kong. So sit back, relax and let the food come to you!

    Want more online food and drink in Hong Kong?

  • SUPPORT FOR MOMS IN HONG KONG: Mums Without Helpers HK FB Page

    Where To Find Part-Time Help In Hong Kong?

    Looking for people just like you, who understand what it’s like to get help without getting a helper? Join this Facebook group for support on mothering, chores, babysitting, and opportunities to connect through group playdates.

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