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Part-Time Help In Hong Kong!

Part Time Babysitters And Nannies In Hong Kong

Need some help around the house, but not quite ready for a full-time domestic helper? Or, are you in-between helpers and need tips on how to survive? Here is a list of ways you can get help and include how to hire nannies, babysitters, maids, and other part-time help in Hong Kong.


    Housekeeping services Sparkle Maids and Merry Maids make it easy to keep your home just the way you want it. Their cleaners can pop by to help with your day-to-day housework and even do a deep clean for moving in/out. Or, give Eliza's team a buzz! Her team of 15 legal, local Chinese freelancing cleaners with professional training and experience are available to help. The head organizer, Eliza, speaks fluent English and sets up the cleanings. Her ladies can be hired for full or part-time jobs, and can even help families with packing and moving.


    Sparkle Maids, +852 2239 4882,

    Merry Maids,  +852 2857 4038,

    Eliza’s Team,  Whatsapp Eliza at +852 9625 4357



    A free government program that runs a job board to help you find local, legal domestic help. Local domestic helpers can help you with cooking and cleaning without needing to "live-in." What a find!


    Smart Living, +852 182 182, erbhk@erb.org


    Rent a Mum:

    Rent-A-Mum has a small army of English speaking professionals to be your nanny or provide occasional daytime childcare/babysitting. Rent-A-Mum can even help when you are going for a short trip without the little ones or need a helping hand while waiting for your helper to get processed.


    Rent-a-Mum, +852 2523 4868,


    In Safe Hands:

    In Safe Hands helps you find English speaking maternity nurses, nannies, and one-off baby sitters. They take the worry out of childcare by guiding you through the nanny hiring and interviewing process, making sure you get the right help for your family.

    In Safe Hands,+852 2323 2676,


    Naturally Nanny:

    Naturally Nanny offers nanny and babysitting candidates with a variety of native languages, so you’re bound to find someone who suits your family and cultural needs. They can place last minute babysitters, cover for a sick mommy or nanny, or even watch your kids at a hotel or venue.

    Naturally Nanny, +852 9650 4976, 


    Hong Kong Teen Sitters:

    This is a Facebook group where those looking for childcare can connect with teenagers who enjoy watching children for a little extra cash. Once you’ve been accepted into the Facebook group, you can post your babysitting request and communicate with the teens and their parents through the group.

    Hong Kong Teen SittersFacebook Group


    Hong Kong Babysitting Co-op:

    In Western societies, some families trade babysitting nights with other families, so that both sets of adults can take turns going out without having to pay for a babysitter. The Hong Kong Babysitting Co-op Facebook group has decided to bring that concept to Hong Kong, so join this group if you’re up for a trade.

    Hong Kong Babysitting Co-op, Facebook Page


    Who said doing laundry is a chore? Sunshine Laundry provides door to door dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services with various locations throughout Hong Kong. Keeping yourself looking fresh and crisp is easy with Vogue Laundry. Owned by Cathay Pacific Airways, this service offers pick up and drop off laundry services all over Hong Kong.


    Sunshine Laundry, WhatsApp +852 6629 1949 to schedule pickup or order online,

    Vogue Laundry, +852 2460 3506,


    Getting groceries in Hong Kong can sometimes feel more like a scavenger hunt than a leisurely shopping trip. Fortunately, more and more online delivery services are popping up to help make feeding your family a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a general one-stop online shop or have more specific dietary needs, there are plenty of options.


    Grocery Delivery In Hong Kong




    Eat Right:

    Dieting has never been easier! Order these healthy meals, delivered daily, right to your door. Various plans are available for different tastes and different schedules.

    Eat Right, +852 2553 4588, 


    Secret Ingredient:

    Want to eat at home, but wish someone else could do the shopping & chopping for you? Secret Ingredient delivers fresh ingredients, chopped and ready to go, along with simple menu cards that can be followed for delicious meals in no time! They even provide the salt and pepper! All you need is a pan.

    Secret Ingredient, +852 2108 4000,


    Invisible Kitchen: 

    Want to entertain more, but just don’t have the time or manpower to do it all yourself? No problem! From sandwiches for junk boat trips to dinner party meals, Invisible Kitchen makes it easy to just heat and eat!

    Invisible Kitchen, +852 2711 5788,


    Smart Soup:

    If you’re unable to hire a confinement lady, but you still want to benefit from the nourishment of the traditional Chinese soups, here’s a service who specializes in bringing those comfort foods to your home.

    Smart Soup, WhatsApp +852 9732 7412,


    Paleo Taste

    Delicious and nutritious foods for those who want to eat clean, without having to do the preparations themselves. Vegetarian options also frequently available.

    Paleo Taste, +852 5416 8556,


    Looking for people just like you, who understand what it’s like to get help without getting a helper? Join this Facebook group for support on mothering, chores, babysitting, and opportunities to connect through group playdates.


    Mums Without HelpersFacebook Page

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