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The Harbour School’s Holistic Early Years Program In Hong Kong

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The Harbour School Hong Kong Early Years Program

With the majority of schools in Hong Kong focused mainly on exam-taking content and skills, The Harbour School (THS) offers a unique K to Grade 3 program focused on social-emotional development and fostering 21st-century skills and competencies such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. To do this, it offers a “just-right” learning environment with small class sizes in a culture of kindness and inclusion. THS students possess a strong sense of belonging in a caring community where each child has a positive relationship with qualified teachers and specialists who listen to and respect their views. The school’s innovative and award-winning humanities curriculum is designed to foster critical discussion and thinking, and facilitate creative problem-solving. The learning experience is made personally relevant and meaningful for each student, engaging them through hands-on, real-world project-based methods.

  • The Harbour school Environment


    The THS learning environment, curriculum and pedagogy are developmentally appropriate and responsive to individual child’s strengths, interests and learning styles. The school offers the appropriate setting to foster each child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

  • The Harbour School Hong Kong student teacher ratio


    At THS, small class sizes with a low student-teacher ratio averaging 8 to 1 allow for personal attention and differentiated learning. It is imperative for students to develop critical thinking habits in the early and lower primary years when a child’s learning style is just emerging.

  • The Harbour school Hong Kong Learning


    Children learn best when they do things themselves and when their emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and creative needs are stimulated and met. At THS, students as young as five, work on individual and team projects, engage with materials, ask questions, collaborate, and bring their personalities to the projects they are working on.

Where To Find It:​

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