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Top Running Gear And Shoes in Hong Kong

Running Must-Haves By Escapade Sports


Running is one of the most straightforward ways to engage your body, unburden your mind and consequently lift your spirits. Though it’s perhaps the most easily accessible form of exercise, your legs, a flat surface, and some motivation will only get you so far. Moreover, a lack of the right gear, especially running shoes, arguably will ultimately have an adverse effect on other aspects of your health—especially for women. The right gear, on the other hand, will take this basic activity to whole new levels by preventing joint and muscle injuries, simply making the experience pretty epic or keeping your nutritional balance in check, i.e., supporting your body inside and out. When the world is your gym, equip yourself!

There are numerous brands on the Hong Kong market offering fantastic running solutions, but there is one store that stands out. Escapade Sports is a sports specialist shop for many serious athletes because they provide the best of the best in one place—carefully selected products from the best brands, expert advice and simply everything you need to reach your performance goals—shoes, apparel, gear, and nutrition! To give you a sample of their versatile offerings, here is a summary of the very best on their shelves.

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    Frolicking and running around is good with anything on your feet, but serious running can actually be counter-productive without good running shoes. To get the most of the health benefits, Escapade Sports de stocks the best running shoes out there. Let us single out some of the favorites. Every inch of Brooks Levitate 2 is designed to use the energy you spend to fuel your run in return. Hidden and proudly displayed features maximize comfort as well, which works hand in hand with maximizing energy efficiency, too. Asics Women’s Gel Kayano 25 D Width is the 25th-anniversary edition of a truly legendary runner. It implements the next generation of the ultra-lightweight FlyteFoam® cushioning technology, which simultaneously stabilizes and energizes your foot in a way only cutting-edge tech can. The Hoka One One Women's Clifton 5 makes it's manufacturer's proud. Inherent stability, optimized breathability, reinforced durability and signature, famed HOKA ONE ONE® cushioning make it a perfect continuation of its award-winning heritage.

  • Escapade-Running-Gear-Sports-Bras

    Since we're talking serious running here, we know that our bodies sometimes need additional support to prevent discomfort from rearing its ugly head. Here are some awesome essentials for getting to that next level and staying there: Brooks Women's Fast Forwards Crossback Bra is an extremely adjustable, high style bra that moves with your body. It is a bra you won't want to take off! Compressport R2 V2 Calf Guards have a massaging effect, absorb shocks, protect injured or weakened knees, serve as an anti-fatigue aid, prevent swelling and lactic acids and toxins from building up and generally help you recover faster and push your limits easier! Why not upgrade those state-of-the-art running shoes with a pair of socks made for running anything from 5k to a marathon? Hilly Marathon Fresh Socklets give you another level of comfiness through their anatomical cushioning in key pressure zones, while also keeping your feet completely fresh and odor-free, permanently.

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    There's a lot of tech in these pieces of clothing, but there are more gadgets you can implement in your run to take it to a whole new level. From indestructible watches to trustworthy earphones, Escapade Sports has all the tech you can benefit from during your run!  Polar Vantage M supports over 130 sports from monitoring swimming metrics to daily activity tracking.  For those looking for something lighter and a bit less focused on adventure, more on guidance, Escapade Sports offers the Fitbit Versa health & fitness smartwatch. This guy is like your personal trainer, providing you with personalized on-screen workouts that play on your wrist, coaching you through each move, adapting based on your feedback, and still offering a wide array of apps, music listening options and more!  Finally, music motivates a lot of us to move our bodies and energize, and once you're in the zone, you don't want to break that flow. If you never want to think about choosing earphones again, go with the ultimate ones—the Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds. Wireless, with a mic and a control button, water-, sweat- and mud- resistant, with a shape as customizable as their sound, these buds are all you'll ever need to breathe life into that perfect running soundtrack.

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    Finally, now that we covered the outside, we should direct our attention inwards. Getting fit is the primary motivation for many, but being healthy should always be the ultimate goal. Runners lose a lot of sweat which can cause muscle fatigue and cramping.  To balance it out, every runner should be refueling on electrolytes! Most of the current products are heavy in sugars and artificial flavors. Hammer Nutrition Fizz is changing that which is great for health and if you have a young runner in your home. By dissolving a Hammer Nutrition Fizz tablet runners bodies get full-spectrum electrolyte support without inadequate amounts of insignificant nutrients (only the best-balanced stuff) that only increase the price, without compromising on great taste, having no refined sugars or artificial flavors! Yes, Escapade Sports is here even for meal replacements. Hammer Nutrition Raw Energy bars are packed with high-quality ingredients that in turn pack your body with complex carbohydrates, high-quality vegetable protein, healthy fats, natural phytonutrients and enzymes that do you well whenever you consume them! Also on trend right now is Whey Protein and their product, Protelicious, offers a variety of yummy flavors from Strawberry to Chocolate. To sum up your running regime, the GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Gel boosts hydration, branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, and isoleucine), reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage, keep your heart pumping right and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions. It was developed in collaboration with elite athletes who go through rigorous training, and went through thorough testing itself!

  • Escapade Sports - Causeway Bay

    1/F, Yee Hing Building, 19 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    +852 2891 1855

    Online Shop:



    Escapade Sports  - Central

    1/F, Merlin Building, 30-34 Cochrane Street, Central Hong Kong

    +852 2851 0769

    Escapade Sports - Repulse Bay

    Shop 110, Level 1, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

    +852 2395 2778

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