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5 Products We Are Loving For Working Parents With Infants/Toddlers

Shop With Little Steps! We partnered with CHILDHOME and reviewed 5 cool Editor-picked products LIVE! Watch the video and shop it up!

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  • Hong Kong:  HKTV Childhome Flagship
    • More Shops In HK: Mothercare, Mothercourt, Baby Central, Petit Tippi, Baby Sophie, All in One
  • Singapore: Baby CentralPromotion: 10% off at Baby Central.  Enter the code “CHILDH10” at checkout, valid till June 30, 2022)
    • More Shops in SG: Lazmall Childhome Official Store, Mummy’s Market
  • Kuala Lumpur: Shopee Childhome Official Store
  • Evolu ONE.80° high chair Hong Kong

    SHOP WITH LITTLE STEPS: Evolu ONE.80° High Chair

    ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Ages 0 months – 6 years

    • Childhome Evolu ONE.80°, in particular, is an award-winning high chair. This product is ideal for the growing baby to toddler! It’s stylish and adaptable offering a 90 ° clockwise and 90 ° counterclockwise turning feature.
    • Childhome Evolu ONE.80°, in particular, is an award-winning high chair.
    • We love that it is ergonomic and it’s nice that your child can always be at the right height to have dinner with mom/dad. It allows parents to place or feed their child in the seat in three different positions without moving or lifting the entire chair.
    • It is adjustable to 3 heights with additional legs too much with a tall island table / standard dining table/children learning table. With the newborn seat, it can be used from 0m+. Following the kids’ s every step of the way!
    • 2 highchair colors: ANTHRACITE & WHITE
    • It’s super comfortable – no sharp corners and you can add a cushion (many designs to choose and the Angel one is the signature)
    • There is an optional feeding tray that’s 6 adaptable depths so your little one has their
      own table
    • It’s safe – there is the 5-point adjustment security harness and its base is very stable.
    • It’s super comfortable – no sharp corners and you can add a cushion (10 colors are available) for extra cushioning.
    • It’s safe – there is the 5-point adjustment security harness and its base is very stable.
    • We are very excited about the new colors TERRACOTTA & MINT which are available for Evolu 2 highchair, which is the same design as Evolu 180 but without a unique swivel function.

    Want more?  Be sure to check out their other popular highchair - Lambda Wooden Highchair!


  • Cocoonababy® by Red Castle Hong Kong

    SHOP WITH LITTLE STEPS: Cocoonababy® by Red Castle

    ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: Ages 0 months – 3/4 Months

    • This sleeping haven is for babies of 2.8kg and above, from birth to around 4 months (or when the baby starts rolling).
    • It’s so comfortable! It’s a nest for newborns helping them adapt smoothly to life after birth.  The Cocoonababy® nest is designed to give a sense of safety for newborns and mirrors the warmth of a womb.  What does this mean for moms/dads – it increases the quality and length of time your baby is sleeping!
    • You can use it for both naps as well as nighttime sleep.
      Many other scenarios to use i.e. place underplay arch, staycation/ travel with its transport bag. (the packaging bag is designed for transport easily)
    • More perks? It helps limit the risk of “flat head syndrome”, limits gastric reflux (as their head is slightly raised over the rest of their body), and improves the interaction between the
      baby and those around – as the baby’s gaze is not stuck on the ceiling.
    • Accessories? You can add a cocoon cover that is perfectly fitted for Cocoonababy® and removes the risk of covering the baby’s face while asleep. Velcro opening is available for checking your baby without waking it.


  • Mommy Bag Diaper Bag

    SHOP WITH LITTLE STEPS: Childhome - Mommy Big Tote Bag

    About this product:  All moms!

    • This bag is both trendy and functional – check out The Mommy Bag!
    • This fun bag is all about wearing your title with pride.
    • A Belgian Design, it is not only handy but its also spacious and fashionable and ideal for toting to the gym, activities, and traveling too.
    • It has multiple compartments and elastic bands inside for easy organizing of diapers.
    • The shoulder strap is super comfortable – as mommy’s typically carrying loads.
    • You will also find a nursery mat inside for easy diaper changes.
    • There are a lot of cute colors including – pink, white, black, and leopard.


  • Changing Station Singapore

    SHOP WITH LITTLE STEPS: Evolux Changing Unit / Station

    About this product:  

    • For those looking for a comfortable changing table that is chic, functional, and adjustable (a key for many families) – this award-winning design is worth a peek.
    • There are two colors available – white and Natural Anthracite. We love the key adjustable feature which adjusts to 4 heights (85 cm, 89 cm, 91 cm & 95 cm).
    • The changing unit is a robust structure making it sturdy and safe and includes 3D air mesh material.
    • Extra safe: 4 wheels with a braking system, changing unit with higher sides to contain baby.
    • A changing unit is available too – which can also be used with their cot and playpen!



    About this product: 

    • Do you have a child who is starting school – this is your bag! This school backpack is ideal to start the first school year – it’s compact, easy to carry, and adorable.
    • You will find several storage compartments making it super easy for kids and can hold a lunchbox and bottle too.
    • We love that it is water-resistant – we know the kiddies need this!

    WHERE TO BUY IT? Hong Kong Only Now

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