Hot off the press! There is a new playground in town, and not just any playground, Hong Kong is proud to present the first barrier-free place for children. The playground in Tuen Mun Park has been completely transformed into an innovative, inclusive playground and is almost the size of a football pitch!

The super safe playgrounds in Hong Kong are somewhat uninspiring for kids. The NGO Playright Children’s Play Association completely agreed and therefore are set to revamp the local playgrounds in our city and make them once again inspiring for kids of all ages. The new Tuen Mun playground, which is run by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), has been infused with a much-needed childlike imagination. The project has been designed by the Architectural Services Department and has sought the input from children in the area, and even won the endorsement of Unicef.

The inclusive playground is composed of two areas, the Southern Portion, and the Northern Portion, with seven play zones. The overall layout of the playground and its play components are specifically designed for children with different physical abilities, including wheelchair users.