13 Awesome Outdoor Facilities In Hong Kong To Play Sports With Your Kids!

Some Of The Most Colorful Outdoor Sports Facilities Can Be Found In Hong Kong!

Siu Hei Court Full Hong Kong

Sports is one of the best activities to keep our active kids going. In Hong Kong, there is a fair share of playgrounds, indoor and outdoor multipurpose courts available to the public. These days, the city is known for transforming a majority of its old spaces within public estates or shopping malls into something new, fun and inclusive for everybody. Many are also purposefully transformed to highlight core values to its communities such as inclusivity, sustainability and equality through its expression of art and sports.

From basketball to skateboarding, here is a list of some of our favorite locations for outdoor sports and activities in Hong Kong that the kids and adults will love!

  • Choi Hung Basketball Court Hong Kong

    Choi Hung Estate Basketball Court

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    The rise of social media has surely made this location famous and has also started two simultaneous creative trends in Hong Kong: colorful outdoor basketball courts and the rise of transforming public housing estates into something special for the public to recognize.

    With its beautiful palm trees and pastel backdrop, Choi Hung Estate has a large basketball court for basketball lovers, students and nowadays, social media influencers. Local residents have also turned the opposite ends of the basketball courts into their very own plant garden. Kids can be found riding their bikes or scooters and locals practicing tai-chi.

    • Address: Choi Hung Estate Car Park, 2 Tse Wai Ave, Ngau Chi Wan, Hong Kong
    • Opening Hours: 5am - 10:30pm
  • H.A.N.D.S Rooftop Run Base Hong Kong

    H.A.N.D.S Roller Skate Park & Rooftop Run Base

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    A further development to the H.A.N.D.S Shopping Centre are two amazing areas to promote its up-and-coming "community sports hub" -  Hong Kong's first rooftop skate park and a rooftop run base.At the skating park, kids can bring their roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, and balance bikes and zoom away.The location is separated into 3 levels - roller skating, skateboarding and biking. For more information about the H.A.N.D.S Rooftop Roller Skate Park click here.

    • Address: 2A Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
    • Opening Hours: 9am - 8pm, daily
  • Kai Yip Recreation Hong Kong

    Kai Yip Recreation Centre, Kowloon Bay

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    Now a vibrant multipurpose recreation center, located in Kai Yip Estate, the Kai Yip Recreation Center includes different areas of play for active sports-goers of all ages. There are indoor and outdoor fields that include a training ground for runners, basketball, football, badminton and hockey courts for all ages. It also includes a battle rope that kids can use. And for those who also practice Tai Chi, a specific area is also reserved for them, too.

    As a joint collaboration with People's Place and graphic designer SLAB, the colorful patterns presented in its outdoor sports ground allow residents to start their day off with something bright and positive to look at. This allows them to feel that this space is open to all and that its activities are inclusive for people of all ages.

    • Address: Kai Yip Mall Car Park Roof, 18 Kai Yip Road, Kowloon Bay
    • Opening Hours: 7am - 10pm
  • Lai Chi Kok skate park Hong Kong

    Lai Chi Kok Skatepark

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    For older kids looking to pursue some serious skate training, this is the place to be. With street-element obstacles and ramps, this skate park is the first international standard skate location in Hong Kong certified by Street League Skateboarding.

    Make sure to bring your helmet and protective gear!

    • Address: Lai Chi Kok Park, 1 Lai Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok
    • Opening Hours: 7am - 10pm, daily
  • Ming Tak Court Hong Kong

    Ming Tak Sports Court

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    One of the most core values that this sports court represents is gender inclusivity.

    As a formed collaboration between Gaw Capital Partners and One Bite Design, they have created a unique space where there is a "Girls Prioritised" space for players of all abilities to enjoy. It encourages safe play and motivates girls to participate in sports without any constraints.

    It is not just a basketball court, but there are functional amenities such as stretching corners with stretch and climbing bars, sit-up benches and a rest zone for warm-ups and cool-downs. It is also a great area for runners to do light training and to be able to use the facility for stretching.

    • Address: 10 Pui Shing Lane, Ming Tak Shopping Centre Rooftop, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
    • Opening Hours: 6am - 10pm, closed on Sundays
  • Sai Tso Wan Baseball

    Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    If you are looking for the perfect baseball field in Hong Kong, this is the place for you. Sai Tso Wan is a multi-purpose grass pitch mainly used for sports such as football and baseball.

    There are two batting cages for baseball (which are used mainly by the Hong Kong Baseball Association), a jogging track, and a children's play area.

    Sai Tso Wan was built mainly as a way to promote waste management, environmental awareness and protection in Hong Kong. This location has solar panels, wind turbines, surface water, and rubber soil.

    • Address: 90 Sin Fat Road, Lam Tin
    • Opening Hours: 7am - 11pm daily
  • Shek Lei Basketball Court Hong Kong

    Shek Lei Grind Court

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    As a project spearheaded by Nike Grind, this refurbished basketball court located in Kwai Chung has been transformed by repurposing 20,000 pairs of used sneakers.

    Partnering up with People's Place, toy designer James Jarvin, and InspiringHK this beautifully designed court has set to become a community hub to bring together underprivileged youth where they can come and feel welcome through active participation in sports.

    This location is surrounded by a large number of schools hence making this a popular spot for students to enjoy.

    • Address: Shek Lei Shopping Centre Phase 1, 6 Wai Kek St, Kwai Chung
    • Opening Hours: 6am - 10pm, closed Sundays


  • Siu Hei Court Hong Kong

    Siu Hei Court Playspace

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    This one-of-a-kind sports ground has a multi-functional play space equipped with a basketball, badminton, and volleyball court plus a running track. It is designed to promote unstructured and creative play. Smiley's can be seen on all corners of the space to encourage positivity and joy to visitors and residents.

    Cute elements such as a car-tire installation bring us back to the setup of an old school playground. There is a lot of space for spectators and for parents to sit while watching their children play and take part in a sports game. And the artwork is just stunning!

    • Address: Siu Hei Court, 201 Wu Chui Road, Tuen Mun
  • TKO Spot Hong Kong

    TKO Spot

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    Found at the rooftop of this Tseung Kwan O shopping mall, this space has been transformed into an awesome sports space! With four different sports zones namely called: Fun Camp, Sea of Balls, Speed Avenue and Stretching Ring - each zone is loaded with kid-friendly sports gear from French retailer Decathlon.

    For more details, click here.

    • Address: 3/F, TKO Spot, 2 Tong Ming Street, Tseung Kwan O
    • Opening Hours: 11am - 6pm
  • Tsing Yi Shopping Centre Rooftop Hong Kong

    Tsing Yi Estate Basketball Court

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    As a collaboration between People's Place, HK Walls, Hennessy (promoting the global "Hennessy in the Paint" campaign), Japanese street artist Taxa and the NBA comes a brand new basketball court.

    If you are a fan of The NBA, this is a beautiful location to check out!

    • Address: 10 Fung Shue Wo Road, Tsing Yi
  • TKO Skate Park

    Hong Kong Velodrome Park

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    This location offers a large variety of outdoor play and sports areas for families. There's a skating park, children's play area, an awesome mini climbing wall, and a bike trail.

    Best way to cap a weekend with a relaxing picnic in the park after an active day of fun.

    For more information, click here. 

    • Address: Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
    • Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm, daily
  • Public Swimming Pool TKO

    Public Pools

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    There are a good number of public pools all over the city. Head over to Tseung Kwan O for an amazing family day with different types of pools and slides for the kids to enjoy on a hot summer day.

    Click here for a list of public pools in Hong Kong and for booking inquiries.

  • SCAA Football Hong Kong

    South China Athletic Association

    Top 13 Outdoor Facilities To Play Sports In Hong Kong

    As a non-profit sports organization, you don't have to pay a hefty membership fee to get access to its different indoor and outdoor facilities. From bowling to outdoor tennis courts and football courts, there are loads of sports to take part in this organization. Make sure to check online for individual pricing such as taking part in courses or booking to use certain facilities, and you must apply for a membership first.

    • Address: South China Athletic Association, 88 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    • Website:

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