Quarry Bay Neighborhood Family Guide – Hong Kong

Where To Explore, Eat, Shop And Play In Quarry Bay

Neighborhood Guide Quarry Bay Hong Kong

Quarry Bay has an eclectic mix of all things local and current. Over the last few years, this charming district is slowly evolving into a popular spot for families galore. Come visit this neighborhood either for a nice relaxing brunch or for a fun-filled activity day with the kids. Read through our list for what you can do in Quarry Bay with the family! 

  • Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Dessert

    Need a caffeine fix? Quarry Bay offers a great range of adorable Instagrammable cafe spots, vendors, pop-ups and stalls.

    Grotto - Aside from its good range of munchies on its menu from savory croffles (croissant+waffle) and toasties to healthy fruit bowls, Grotto has a Grab & Go corner for customers on the go.

    Favilla - This minimalistic Japanese-inspired cafe has great coffee choices with some specialty drinks on its menu.

    Homing People - A quaint spot perfect for a catch-up with friends over coffee and cake.

    Tong Chong Street Market - With its stalls located outside of Taikoo Place, this is something you shouldn't miss! Promoting sustainable living alongside an impressive list of vendors, you'll surely want to explore your coffee palette even further.

  • Best Restaurants To Eat With The Family, Brunch Or A Romantic Date Night

    Quarry Bay has a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines and delicious eateries in every corner.

    Mr & Mrs Fox  - A three story restaurant with a gorgeous interior, a great selection of European delicacies and hand-crafted cocktails.

    Enoteca - One of the most popular spots for families in the neighborhood.

    Catch - Delicious seafood and brunch menu with a very attractive happy hour list.

    Ask For Alonzo - Italian food is always a good idea! This modern trattoria serves dishes hailing from the Mediterranean provinces of Italy.

    Q Time Cafe By Baby & Me - An adorable restaurant with a pop of color and an indoor playground for your little ones.

    Cafe Siam - Longing for those quick Thailand getaways? This place will most definitely take you back to those memories with every bite on their menu.

    The Butchers Club Grille  - After a short hiatus due to renovation, Quarry Bay's favorite burger restaurant is back.

    The Sixteenth - Quarry Bay's newest kid on the block, already making headlines for its Super Brunches, is certainly helping turn this neighborhood into the next "It" hotspot for a weekend brunch location.

    Pici - Open on November 3, 2022 in the heart of Taikoo Place. This is the ultimate go-to to satisfy one's pasta cravings.

    Campsite - A one-of-a-kind "Glampfire" casual dining restaurant filled with a tasty menu.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities

    You can find a large variety of indoor activities for you and your family here all around this spectacular district. The best thing is that you can find most of it in one building!

    Ryze - Hong Kong's first trampoline park packed with different obstacle courses for all levels.

    Bun's 2020 - Let the good times roll! This place is packed with funky music and disco vibes, what an amazing and fun way to spend a weekend!

    Verm City - Its Clip N Climb section is a local favorite for families due to its colorful climbing areas and themes that update every season.

    Just Climb - Opening its newest location and serving indoor rock climbing fun 24/7!

    Hiking at Mount Parker - With hiking as a major past-time in Hong Kong, this trail serves as one of the easiest to access on Hong Kong Island. This connects to other trails such as Tai Tam Country Park and is also a part of the Hong Kong Trail Section 6.

    Quarry Bay Tree Walk - As part of the Mount Parker hike, this is a favorite for families and dog walkers. A much less challenging trail for the kids which is perfect for families looking for a quick easy-breezy afternoon hike.

    Woodside Biodiversity Education Center - Why not make a stop while on your Mount Parker hike? The center aims to foster public awareness and understanding of Hong Kong's biodiversity. It is packed with family-friendly workshops and activities for your little ones.

    Quarry Bay Park - Stretching out from Kings Road all the way to the district of Sai Wan Ho, this park links up to the harborside where you can take an amazing sunset stroll further down the Eastern side of Hong Kong Island. It has an amazing playground for kids with a few curvy slides they'll enjoy.

    Yick Cheong Mansion Monster Building - One of the city's most famous Instagrammable spots.

  • Arts and Culture

    With Hong Kong having a large art influence it is no surprise you'll find some amazing works of art in Quarry Bay.

    ArtisTree - For the last few years in Quarry Bay, ArisTree has widely supported the arts and culture scene. It has provided its space for numerous exhibits, fashion shows, and musical and theatrical performances.

    Gowld Art Centre - A fantastic location that provides regular and short-term art courses suitable for all levels. It also organizes exhibitions, workshops, and fun art-jamming events.

    Para Site - Located in Wing Wah Industrial building, it is one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Hong Kong. It also runs an international art residency program that offers art training for future artists and curators.

    K11 Atelier HACC - A brand new multipurpose art space designed to showcase and promote artwork, design, and more from up-and-coming artists.

    Urban Canvas Shutter Art - With urban street shutter art rising in popularity in the 852, it's a delight to see Quarry Bay being added to this list. If you download the app, it can help you spot these locations. Remember to go early or after hours to check it out!

  • Shopping

    Lots of things to see and do in Quarry Bay and shopping will always be a bonus! This neighborhood has a good list of lifestyle shops to visit.

    Thorn and Burrow - Opening its third location in the 852 serving us with its fun, trendy products.

    Garian - Another lifestyle store to check out that has a wide range of choices promoting different brands.

    Live Zero - Hong Kong’s first Zero Waste Bulk Store can now also be found in Quarry Bay. Filled with natural and organic products to help promote sustainable living.

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