10 Popular Team Sports For Kids In Hong Kong

Sports Classes For Kids And Toddlers

Team sports in Hong Kong

It’s time for teamwork kiddos! From the classic ball sports to unique classes on land and sea, Little Steps has selected the go-to list of team sports for your little ones to learn the art of discipline and collaboration. Enjoy our top picks for group sports activities around Hong Kong. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and more..swing, swim, and play ball.  Here is the list of the top team sports in Hong Kong.

  • Soccer - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Football And Soccer Sports Classes In Hong Kong:

    There are lots of football schools to choose from in Hong Kong including Arsenal Soccer School, Asia Pacific Soccer School, Brazilian Soccer School to smaller schools catering to toddlers.  Whether your kids see themselves as the next Christiano Ronaldo or David Beckham, there’s a school out there to help them develop these skills. Little Steps has dribbled and scored some goals, to find you the best soccer schools in Hong Kong.

    Top Football / Soccer Classes In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Basketball - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Basketball Team Sports In Hong Kong:

    Get your toddlers, kids, and teens into their jerseys and on the court! Basketball is a wonderful sport for them to meet new friends and learn the value of sportsmanship. There are plenty of basketball classes and training options across Hong Kong that your little LeBron James can get into. Here’s Little Steps' go-to guide on the best basketball classes, leagues, and training options in Hong Kong.

    Top Basketball Classes For Kids In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Tennis - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Tennis Sports Classes For Toddlers And Kids In Hong Kong:

    Inspired by Federer or the Venus sisters? Little Steps has rounded up the top spots for tots, kids, and teens to take tennis lessons in Hong Kong. From beginner to pro, Hong Kong offers a variety of options in a variety of locations in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

    Top Tennis Lessons For Kids In Hong Kong, https://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/learn/after-school-activities/tennis-lessons-hong-kong/

  • Rugby -best team sports in Hong Kong

    Rugby Sports Classes For Kids In Hong Kong:

    Rugby is huge in Hong Kong! With kids and teens all over the city getting inspired by the big guys at Rugby Sevens and other international competitions we are lucky enough to have in our city, we thought it was time to give you the scoop on how to get your kids involved in Rugby in Hong Kong. From Mini Rugby to Colts, we have the top clubs, lessons, how mom and dad can get involved, and where to buy your rugby gear in Hong Kong. Check out the scoop on where to go, where to shop, and where to play rugby in the city.

    Rugby For Kids In Hong Kong, Click here

  • Baseball -best team sports in Hong Kong

    Baseball Sports Classes For Kids In Hong Kong:

    Swing batter, batter! For those looking for baseball classes in Hong Kong - there is an excellent program on the Southside in Hong Kong.  Check out the roundup of where to enroll your kids and teens in baseball in Hong Kong.

    Top Baseball Leagues + Lessons For Kids In Hong Kong, Click Here

  • Sailing - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Sailing Classes In Hong Kong:

    Ship’s Ahoy-matey! Get your little Robinson Cruesoes on deck with sailing lessons in Hong Kong. It’s a great way to see and experience the city by sea and learn fun skills. There’s a bounty of choices from expeditions for all ages with Outward Bound, to classes at yacht clubs including The Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Hong Kong Hobie Club and Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.  Check out the camps too!

    Top Sailing Schools In Hong Kong, https://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/learn/after-school-activities/sailing-courses-clubs-camps/

  • Ice Hockey - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Ice Hockey Classes In Hong Kong:

    Do you have a Wayne Gretzky in training? Sign junior up for a local hockey club! Local clubs are open to new and experienced players. To join The Penguins Club, which is coached by Mega Ice, register in person at Mega Ice. Also, check out the Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey run by former NHL player and captain of the New York Rangers Coach Barry Beck.

    The Penguins Club at Mega Ice, +852 2709 4023, Website

    Ice Skating Hong Kong, https://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/learn/after-school-activities/ice-skating-and-ice-hockey-lessons-hong-kong/

  • Children Swimming - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Synchronized Swimming Classes In Hong Kong:

    Looking for something elegant? Wannabe divas in the pool (aged 6-15) are invited to sign up for elementary or intermediate synchronized swimming courses by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association - the only synchronized courses available in Hong Kong. Courses are hosted at various venues across the city.

    Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association, various locations, +852 2572 8524, www.hkasa.org.hk

  • Children Playing Soccer at Minisport Hong Kong - best team sports in Hong Kong

    Minisports Hong Kong: Baby + Toddler Team Sports In Hong Kong

    Get your toddler moving and have a blast at Minisport classes this term! These exciting, action-packed classes are tailored to young children and filled with games to develop their coordination and gross motor skills. Classes are held all over Hong Kong. Kids can start as young as 1.5 making it a favorite for babies in the city.


    Minisport, Classes held at FunZone, The Westwood, 8 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong (MTR station HKU exit C2 for Belcher's Street). Contact Coach Matt directly at +852 6183 7084, matt@minisport.hk, https://www.minisport.hk/

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