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Stay Grounded At Home In Hong Kong

Top Ten Online Yoga And Apps in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

With over two years of various gym and exercise class closures, seemingly endless social distancing measures, vaccination passports, amongst a myriad of other regulations, it’s no wonder that there has been rising popularity with online yoga classes and new apps developing at a rate of knots. Not only are the virtual classes convenient, but they are cost-effective, if not completely free. So not only can you take part in your own time, but if you are worried about congregating and exercising in larger groups, you need not worry. All you need is your laptop and your yoga mat to get started.

Below is a list of local yoga studios you can support now via online classes.  A few popular international apps are below!

  • Yoga Room: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    ZOOM Classes Including Prenatal Yoga

    We are big fans of The Yoga Room!  While the studio is shut, they are offering their wide variety of classes via ZOOM and their full schedule is available here.  For those pregnant ladies, they are offering a prenatal flow online during the COVID lockdown period.

    The Yoga Room,

  • Ikigai top online yoga in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Ikigai: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    A Reason For Being

    Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning 'a reason for being'. Through their online classes, each instructor invites you to discover your reason for being with a humble, authentic, and encouraging voice. Their studios throughout the city have strong intent with interiors that reflect the powerful colors worn by monks, sages, sannyasin, and ancient masters. They have no mirrors to help remove the ego allowing complete focus on the classes, transformative yoga, meditation, and movement-based practices. Ikigai has numerous community and private classes available, bookable online or through their app.


  • Anahata Yoga best online yoga Hong Kog Little Steps Asia

    Anahata Yoga: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Traditional And Modern

    Yoga from the Heart is an online offshoot from the popular Anahata Studio in Central. Yoga from the Heart focuses exclusively on various traditional yoga practices, including hatha, shivananda, kundalini, patanjali, and the more modern hatha vinyasa and ashtanga vinyasa. Just like their in-person classes, they are designed to provide therapeutic benefits no matter your level of practice. You can join monthly or annual plans and explore the various classes taught by full-time instructors who have dedicated their lives to yoga. Download the yoga from the Heart App on the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

    Anahata Yoga,

  • Santi Space best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Śānti Space: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Happiness And Silence

    Śānti means peace, tranquillity, bliss, happiness, silence, and comfort. Śānti Space Yoga and Wellness is a boutique yoga studio located in the heart of Wan Chai. They offer a range of classes, workshops, and specialized healing services to help you shape a healthier body and achieve peace of mind. The classes include their favorites, such as morning, flow, feel-good stretch, and yin yang; there are also classes that focus on inversions, core strength, and alignment. By joining Śānti Space Yoga and Wellness online, you'll find your inner peace.

    Śānti Space,

  • Flex Studio best online yoga Little Steps Asia

    Flex Studio: Online Yoga And Barre In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Fitness Yoga Classes

    Flex Studio offers several classes a day, including power yoga, pilates and Xtend Barre. The yoga classes don't require equipment other than your mat and perhaps a towel. The fitness-based yoga focuses on strength and conditioning guided by your favorite instructor through a mindful flow. Through this class, you'll improve flexibility, endurance and tone your body through a series of powerful asanas that will challenge your mind, body, and breath. You'll practice known skills and learn new ones to help you build a firm foundation for future practice. Download the Flex Studio App from iTunes or Android to make booking classes simpler; you'll be able to keep track of special offers and scheduling updates.

    Flex Studio,

  • Pure Yoga best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga: : Online Yoga And Fitness In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Innovative Programs

    Pure Fitness has long been one of the city's favorite workout studios offering innovative programs, personal training, and group exercises. Nothing has changed with the enforced lockdowns, except that you are taking part at home. The online classes offer intimate yoga experiences that harness the energy of group classes with the personalized attention of a private class. You can access your favorite instructors from anywhere in the city, and they'll give you the same attention you are used to in a physical class. The Pure Fitness goals allow you to continue your focus in a safe environment. The yoga classes last for one hour and include pranayama meditation, detox flow, qigong, and prenatal yoga. If you miss a class, you can ‘catch up’ for up to five days.

    Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga,,

  • Yoga Flow best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    H-Kore And YogaFlow: : Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Flow And Sculpt

    H-Kore, live from their Central and Quarry Bay fitness studios, encourage you to stretch, strengthen, sweat, and have fun. Your instructors will guide you through the exercises to be comfortable with your fitness level and the movements to gain the most out of your workout. The H-Kore fitness team has over 150 weekly classes to choose from, including yoga flow and yoga sculpt; staying fit has never been easier. Not only does H-Kore offer live classes, but they have a well-curated collection of pre-recorded workouts that are viewable on their app or your desktop.

    H-Kore and YogaFlow,

  • SambalaBhu Yoga best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    SambalaBhu Yoga: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Peace And Tranquility

    Sambala and Bhu are Sanskrit words. Sambala means a place of peace, tranquillity, and happiness, and Bhu indicates an occurrence. The boutique yoga studio encourages balance by harmonizing the mind, body, and soul through various beautifully curated practices. You can choose from traditional yoga to modern variations, breathing, and mindfulness practice for physical and emotional health improvements. There are various online classes, including ashtanga, vinyasa, detox, hath, pranayama, meditation, and the beautiful yin yang yoga. Each instructor is well-versed in yoga science and has solid academic qualifications and extensive teaching experience. The SambalaBhu instructors are also available for private online classes.

    SambalaBhu Yoga,

  • Yoga Bagel best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Yoga Bagel: Online Yoga In Hong Kong

    Create Your Own Sunshine

    Yoga Bagel understands that life is full of ups and downs. Their comprehensive yoga classes encourage you to create your own sunshine for good vibes and positive energy. Various online classes are taught throughout the day, from morning yoga to relaxing evening stretches. There are classes such as hatha, vinyasa, and power yoga throughout the day. The instructors have regular instruction on chakras and other information to enhance your overall wellness.

    Yoga Bagel,,

  • Iyenga Yoga best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Iyenga Yoga Centre of Hong Kong: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Harmonize Your Mind

    Instructors at the Iyenga Yoga Centre of Hong Kong will encourage you to move with ease and within your body's limitations. Taking regular Iyenga yoga harmonizes your mind and soul; you'll practice a deep awareness of your body, breath, and mind. The asanas and practice are progressive, allowing you to build a stable foundation using various props before moving on to more challenging moves. Various online classes include restorative yoga, back and hamstrings, and extending backward.

    Iyenga Yoga Centre of Hong Kong,

  • Kita Yoga best online yoga Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Kita Yoga: Online Yoga In Hong Kong #SUPPORTLOCAL

    Online TV

    Kita Yoga has launched a carefully curated collection of online tools and Kita TV, a platform that offers online classes for those who want to continue their practice at home. You have unlimited access to Kita Yoga's vinyasa classes. There is also a well-curated collection of classes, including mini stretch, wakeup, sleep, warmup, and sun salutation. Try their custom playlists from their music-centric studio so that you are always in the mood for yoga. If you want to check out Kita Yoga before signing up, they offer a complimentary seven-day trial.

    Kita Yoga,,

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