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HYPOXI In Hong Kong – What’s It All About? *CLOSED

Fitness Secret For Moms

So pumping iron isn’t on your list of strengths.  It is time to befriend Hong Kong’s secret toning weapon…HYPOXI.

Let’s face facts. Despite a healthy diet and exercise, some of us just can’t seem to get rid of the troubled areas. The HYPOXI program uses two systems to give you the ultimate results and zooms in on those areas that don’t seem to budge. Their machines target fat loss and accelerate the rate at which fatty acids can be metabolized. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff guides you through the process but here is the basic breakdown of how their fat fighting system works.


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

You will be asked to change into a space age looking suite (HD-pressure Suite) and to lie down on the treatment chamber. Once the treatment begins, hundreds of plastic tentacles gently roll over you with low and high pressure. The purpose of this step is to keep your skin elastic and smooth. It gently stretches and compresses, very similar to how a muscle is trained. It further speeds along the weight loss too (bonus!). Plus, it's actually relaxing.


Timing:  20 Minutes

Who It's Perfect For:

The second phase is when your workout comes into play.  Activity can be done on a bike or a treadmill. The bikes help shape hips, thighs, bum and belly, thus more often used by women. But these are no ordinary bikes. HYPOXI’s bikes have their pedals inside an egg shaped capsule which applies light air pressure to intensify blood circulation. All the while, you can keep a gauge on your heart rate to make sure it is at the optimal level (your range is unique to you and is given to you before you begin). The 30-minute exercise goes quickly as you can read a magazine or watch an episode of your favorite show on your iPad while you pedal away.


Timing:  30 Minutes

What Else:​





Not convinced? Sign up for their free trial and put HYPOXI to the test for yourself. A monthly pass at HYPOXI is priced at HK$7,988 for 12 sessions.


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