Hoorah!  The Hong Kong Space Museum has finally re-opened offering families an opportunity to take a space exploration and astronomy learning together.  Prepare yourself for loads of interactive fun, edu-tainment, and more.


The highlights:

*There are two new exhibition halls spread out over 16000 sq meters

*Loads of cool facts about astronomy and space technology.

*The “Hall of the Cosmos” on the ground floor showcases the Universe from near to far – say hello to the stars, Milky Way and the Universe!

*The “Aurora” exhibit allows visitors to adjust the strength of solar wind inside a vacuum tube to create an aurora on an Earth model.

*“Big Bang Theatre” displays the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present era.

*“Relativity Bicycle” allows visitors to ride on a bicycle to see the visual effect of travelling near the speed of light.

*The “Hall of Space Exploration” on the first floor depicts the development of space exploration and space technology.  Kids can enter an upside down virtual space station to experience the disorientation feeling in weightlessness.


How To Visit Hong Kong Space Museum?

*Visitors must enter the venue during the selected visit hours.  Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm.  Closed on Tuesdays!

*Admission is free on Wednesdays.

*Book ahead:  This is only open to full-time students and museum pass holders.  Click here to book in advance!