Best Kids & Toddler Headphones & Ear Defenders In Hong Kong

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Protecting our little ones’ ears can help prevent damage to their hearing as well as save us from hearing the high pitches of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or noisy action games like Fortnite, while they can also come in handy during long-haul flights, traffic-jammed drives, or loud sporting events. Investing in kids’ headphones and ear defenders is a win-win for parents and kids alike. Check our best choices here to protect your little ones’ hearing.

  • Philips-Kids-Headphones-HK


    Comfortable Kid & Toddler Headphones

    Available in two colors, blue & pink with purple, the Phillips kids’ headphones which have volume control are perfect for kids and toddlers, alike. The ear shells are cushioned with a soft foam to ensure your little ones are super comfortable. Knowing how quickly the bills rack up with kids, the headphones are adjustable and designed to grow alongside your kids, so that you don’t need to invest in a new set year after year. Though the volume is limited to <85dB, sound is not sacrificed since 32 mm Neodymium speakers deliver a pure balanced sound.

    Phillips Kids’ Headphones, Available at Fortress, Broadway, and other shops in HK, Available at Philips

  • 3m-kids-peltor-earmuffs.


    Powerful Ear Defenders For Kids

    For an extensive level of ear-protection against high decibels of noise such as those from fireworks or a loud movie, the 3M Peltor Kid Earmuffs will do just the trick. Its light weight and low-pressure fit inhibit heat from building up, so that kids are extra comfortable. Perfect for kids above 5 years, the ear defenders reduce noise levels by 27dB and can be used in noise level ranges of 87dB to 98dB.  They are also easy to clean and have replaceable cushions and inserts so you don’t need to worry if anyone is a little on the messy side!

    3M Peltor Kid Earmuffs, Available at RS Online

  • zohan earmuffs hk


    Comfortable Ear Defenders For Kids

    Known to be super comfortable, you can trust that you kids won’t be pulling these earmuffs right off. For great hearing protection and comfort, the Zohan 030 earmuffs are a great option for those looking to drown out the loud noises of traffic, congested areas, concerts, fireworks and more. With an impressive adjustable headband that minimizes the pressure on the head, they can be worn from 6 months of age to adulthood. Kids will love the fun prints like Nebula, Unicorn, Graffiti, and Flamingo, or if your child prefers something less flashy, they also have solid color options. Easy to carry in a foldable design, ultra foam earpads, and super comfort make these an excellent choice.

    Zohan 030 Earmuffs,

  • puro calm headphones hk


    Toddler Headphones Perfect For Travel

    Travel-friendly and ensuring a noise reduction rating of 27 dB, the PuroCalm kid’s earmuffs will protect your little one’s ears from damaging and loud noise. They are designed and sized for kids from 3 to 16 years of age. The foldable design into a very compact shape and size makes it portable and easy to store in the cute drawstring bag it comes with. What we love about this brand is that for every pair bought, Puro Sound Labs donate one pair to the KultureCity® Sensory Inclusive™ program, allowing individuals with autism and other sensory needs the ability to see and experience all the things the world has to offer.

    PuroCalm Earmuffs,

  • jlab jbuddies play gaming headphones


    Great Headphones For Older Kids Who Love Gaming

    Parents of gamers and music-lovers will need and love this wireless headphone for kids. Offering over 22+ hours of wireless free playtime but keeping the volume safe within a limit of 85dB, you can be rest assured that your kids’ ears are safe. It works wired or wireless on a mobile device or computer, while the AUX console cord makes it compatible with any system like Nintendo, Playstation, or the Xbox. A retractable boom mic can be extended while kids are chatting with friends during games or retracted in to listen to music. A quick-mute button allows kids to quickly silence the mic too. Great sound quality, volume control, and wireless features make this great for little gamers.

    JLab JBuddies Play Gaming Kids or

  • belkin-soundform-mini


    Quality Headphones For Kids

    Spill and accident-proof materials, intuitive controls that are easy for kids to use independently, and a 28–30-hour battery life makes the Belkin Soundform Mini Children’s for an awesome pair of headphones that don’t sacrifice on sound quality. Wireless Bluetooth connection means it’s easy for kids to use on flights or long car drives, too. Maximum volume is limited to 85dB so that when the kids don’t listen to you, you’ll at least know its not due to hearing damage!

    Belkin Soundform Mini, Available at Fortress

  • sparrow kids hk


    Noise-Cancelling Headphones For Kids

    Built-in active noise cancelling circuitry on the Sparrow Kids headphones can block out up to 90% of outside noise, which is great for loud sporting events. The noise cancelling capabilities also come with an on-and-off switch so that you can quickly adapt as the needs of your environment change, while remaining comfortable with its soft memory foam ear cushion. Other great features include volume control to a maximum of 85 dB and a detachable cable with an in-line mic for voice chatting with family abroad. They also include an airplane adaptor, USB charging cable and a cute storage pouch.

    Sparrow Kids Noise Cancelling Headphones,, Also Available at Fortress in 4 Different Colors

  • best headphones and ear defenders for kids


    Stylish & Customizable Headphones

    Coming in an assortment of colors, styles, and variations per the type of use are the versatile Buddyphones. Met to match the demands of kids with the needs of parents are a range of headphones for different uses such as for daily use, travel, education, or gaming. The headphones have varied features such as wireless with a 2-volume or 3-volume limit, wireless with animal ears, wireless with noise cancellation, wireless with a study mode, or wired with inline mic or a boom mic. Depending on your requirements, you’ll have a ton of options and protection for even the pickiest of kids.

    BuddyPhones,, Also available at Fortress

  • alpine hearing protection for kids hk


    Baby & Kids Ear Defenders

    Alpine Hearing carries an extensive range of hearing protection and two of our favorites are the Muffy Baby and the Muffy Kids. Both are designed to protect hearing for different ages. The Muffy Baby is for little babies up to 36 months, while the Muffy Kids is suited for children aged 5-16 years. They’re perfect for use in loud parties, parades, firework shows, car races, or concerts. The Muffy Baby earmuffs are soft, lightweight, adjustable, no-slip headband that does not exert pressure on the fontanelle – to protect babies and allow them to sleep well while traveling. The Muffy Kids also feature an adjustable headband with soft lining and come in trendy colors and are foldable for your child to easily bring along whenever you go.

    Alpine Muffy Baby & Muffy Kids,, Also available on Amazon

  • snug kids hk


    High-Quality Ear Defenders

    Highly ranked for their noise blocking capabilities are the Snug Kids Ear Protectors. They offer a vast range of colors and designs to please your little ones. Get their favorite colors to make these stay on a little longer, however the low-profile clam design will assure that the muffs stay safely secured on little ears. Padded ear cushions offer superior comfort, and they are perfect for kids on the autism spectrum to block out noise from large crowds or other triggers. Promising high-quality parts, these come with a 5-year guarantee so you can be assured these will last and deliver.

    Snug Kids Ear Protection,  Available on Amazon

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