Buying Organic Meat And Seafood For Babies In Hong Kong

Where To Find The Best Options For Babies?

Fish And Meat Delivery For Babies And Infants Hong Kong

New parents are always thinking hard about what food is healthy for their baby. In Hong Kong, it can be quite overwhelming as there are lots of miss-marked labels and consistency is hard to find. In addition, for parents looking for the security of knowing where their fish and meat come from, this can prove to be challenging.

The good news? We chatted with South Stream Seafoods, a trusted seafood and meat delivery company in Hong Kong, about their recommendations for what babies should eat.


    Packed with all 9 amino acids and other wonderfully healthy nutrients, fish is awesome for babies' growth, vision and brain development.


    In Hong Kong, it's important to make sure you're buying fish from reputable sources. You want to look for countries that have strong regulatory policies in place, such as Australia and New Zealand. What else should you look for when buying fish for your baby?


    4 Tips For Buying Fish For Infants:

    1. Choose fish that are high in Omega fatty acids like salmon. These fatty acids are important for cognitive and behavioral functioning, plus they are crucial for healthy skin and a healthy immune system.

    2. Avoid large fish such as tuna and swordfish. They contain higher levels of mercury and other minerals which may harm your baby's nervous system. Tuna is also not recommended for little kids, pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

    3. Pick fish that is sourced from the cleanest places where sourcing policies are strict and secure. South Stream Seafoods is a great place to buy fish in Hong Kong as they mainly source from South Island of New Zealand and Australia.

    4. Buy boneless fish wherever possible as they are best and easiest with infants. Prep fish by mashing it and then visually checking for bones. You should also feel it with your fingers to be sure.


    Get Shopping: 

    South Stream Seafood's baby food range comes in vacuum packs to ensure freshness, which is key to maintaining nutritional benefits. They are prepackaged in 100g ready-to-cook packs, the perfect portion for one meal. Simply defrost one pack for each meal. Cooking for babies has never been easier!


    Meat is another important food group in a baby's diet to help them gain protein, iron and also zinc. Iron is key to the healthy development of babies' brains, and iron from meat & poultry is most easily absorbed by humans. If you're trying to introduce meat, chicken is an ideal choice because it has a milder taste and so is very versatile in meals.


    Like buying fish, the key to buying meat for babies in Hong Kong is all about making sure it comes from a reliable seller. On South Stream Seafoods, you can find minced beef, pork, lamb & chicken, which are all organic and free from added hormones and antibiotics, making it a much safer and wiser choice for your little one. Their meat also comes in 100g vacuum packs which makes cooking super convenient both for working & full-time moms.


    South Stream Seafoods

    [email protected]

    They deliver to almost all areas in HK and offer free delivery with purchases of HK$500 or more.

  • If your child has a special diet of any kind, it can be a bit more difficult to find what you are looking for regarding proteins for your infant. They recommend exploring their dedicated special diet offerings and you can always give them a shout for more information.



    Get Shopping - Recommended By South Stream Seafoods For Infants:

    Gluten Free - They offer a full gluten-free grocery.

    Organic Foods - Check out their organic range too!

    Halal Meats

    Paleo Diets - For the health conscious bunch!


    Want more?

    You can also check out their range of baby care products while you are at their store.  And, if you need anything from the bakery, fresh veggies, organic milk, or special grocery items - they have you sorted there too.


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