Peanuts fans will rejoice at this free haven of figurine fun in Shatin. New Town Plaza Shopping Mall has an outdoor mini theme park dedicated to Snoopy and all his little friends. Let’s go, Charlie Brown!


The highlights:
*  Dog House:  Snoop through the famous pup’s dog house and snap photos with all the folks from Peanuts.
*  School Bus Party:  Let the kids sing their favorite tune aboard the life size replica of Charlie Brown’s school bus.
*  Boating Canal:  Jump on a canoe a cruise along the mini river. Tip:  Weekend lines can be out of this world…so be prepared.
*  Playground:  Climb, slide, explore…again and again!
*  Peanuts Boulevard:  Meet the whole gang here.
*  Wedding Hall:  Explore the chapel (yes, people actually get married here!).