Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground In Hong Kong

A Spacious Outdoor Area And Themed Indoor Activities For Children From 0-8 Years Old

Pamela Peck Discovery Space playground Hong Kong

Located in Aberdeen at Hong Kong Yew Chung College Of Early Childhood Education for budding teachers, Pamela Peck Discovery Space (PPDS) is a specialist play space on campus.

The expansive playground includes a wide range of outdoor play from a rock climbing wall to mud kitchen, running track to ride tricycles, bikes and scooters, and a water play area. The indoor play area is divided into “engagement areas” with Hong Kong-themed stations for role play.

The space aims to provide opportunities for all children to experience the best practices in early childhood education. There are trained teachers available on-site to guide and encourage free play and free activities from music to storytelling.



  • Pamela Peck Discovery Space Outdoor Playground

    THE PLAYGROUND: Unique Outdoor Playground At Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground

    Let the kids run wild at the outdoor playground built for kids of different ages and abilities. There's a tree house and a rock climbing wall for adventurous climbers. Tricycles and scooters are provided to do laps around the track, and a water play area where kids can fill buckets, and pails and learn about weight, and gravity and burn off their energy working the water lever pump.

  • Pamela Peck Discovery Space Supermarket

    FUN FOR KIDS: The Supermarket At Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground

    It's a combination of the local wet market in this corner - with a butcher station, the ubiquitous red plastic bags, "live" seafood in tanks sold by weight, and an extensive selection of fruits and vegetables on display in the shopping aisle. Children can grab a shopping trolley and go crazy with their grocery lists. There is also a fully-equipped checkout counter with two cash registers, calculators, a cordless phone, and a miniature Octopus tap-and-go machine.

  • Pamela Peck Discovery Space Crawlers Corner

    FOR TODDLERS: Crawlers Corner At Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground

    The Crawlers Corner is perfect for infants 6 months old and up. The cozy corner is padded and filled with plush toys, a slide, and a mini tree house of different textures, ideal for sensory play, countless games of peek-a-boo, and open-ended fun.

  • Pamela Peck Discovery Space Construction Corner

    FOR BUILDERS: Construction Corner At Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground

    With a backdrop of Hong Kong’s iconic bamboo scaffoldings, construction blocks, and a wheel burrow, there's plenty of room for imagination and role-playing on a construction site. This corner is a lovely free play area for children to create their mise-en-scene as they get lost in the "work in progress" on site.

  • Pamela Peck Discovery Space Hong Kong MTR

    LEARN ABOUT THE MTR: Pamela Peck Discovery Space Playground

    Complete with lights and buttons, along with a walkie-talkie, and switches that light up for announcements, the child-size MTR cabin is a treat for toddlers. The control panel has many working buttons and switches that light up. They also have free reign to climb all over MTR seats – something they aren’t always allowed to do during a commute.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Three hours pass really quickly with the variety of activities outdoors and indoors for the broad age range, without breaking the bank.

Who It's Perfect For:

A great place for toddlers and older kids to expend energy. Perfect for families with more than one child - there's something for everyone.

What Else:​

There are two time slots to be booked in advance. 9am-12pm and 1-4pm, tickets are HK$100. Book them here.

Where To Find It:​

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