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Interviews And Inspiration From 4 HK Photographers

Best Photographer Interviews Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a treasure trove of photography inspiration from streets to markets to insane skyline shots too. The team at Little Steps wanted to get the inside scoop from popular Hong Kong family photographers about their inspiration, their favorite places to shoot and explore, and what makes their photography style unique? Here comes Hong Kong Family Photographers To Rock – say hello, share their story, and smile!

  • AMY LAW: Little Stories - The Moment By Amy

    1. Let us know a bit about you and your photography style? 

    Little Stories has the vision to create timeless, poetic, and fine art family photographs with love in Impressionism Arts and Modern Arts for years to come. It carries the vision in a sincere, candid, and artistic way to narrate stories, personalities, and values behind families and couples. My background in Education and Journalism is from the University of Hong Kong.  I consider photography journeys as learning and exploratory process to cater for learner styles with children and capture the candid fleeting moments in everyday lives. I find it very hard to resist seeing the beauty of love, and honored to cover love stories of families and couples from Hong Kong, to Asia, to the United States and overseas. My team also works on projects together with the University of Hong Kong for photography and education programs for kids and young people.


    2. From your point of view, what makes a good photograph?

    "There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph." by Robert Frank, one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, pivotal in documentary photography. Besides, good photographs are timeless that stand across times. Those are the photographs that audiences can still relate to after centuries, like artworks that were painted or portraits photographed 100 or 200 years ago being exhibited in art museums or galleries. Moreover, great photographs can invite audiences to multiple layers of meanings and interpretations. In Robert Frank's words, "when people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”


    3. What do you love about photographing families in Hong Kong?

    I am very thankful to meet families with the same vision towards educational philosophies towards the photoshoots – to let kids just be kids (no need to pretend to be an adult!), and explore the world around (have some fun!), whether it is outdoor, in lifestyle studio, at home, a weekend trip or a staycation in Hong Kong or a short trip overseas for a break. We love to see parents as an integral part of the children’s growth, to count on the beautiful journey together. We also believe in the loving spirits to be passed on over generations – the legacy in the family’s spirit, so we do hope to convey the personalities, values, and stories behind for the coming generations to see.


    4. Who has influenced your journey as a photographer and why?

    My uncle saw my love in photography and gifted the first camera to me in high school. I am always thankful to have valuable family photographs taken by him that I can view over and over again. Yet, I wish to have more photographs across different time frames to understand how much love my parents and grandparents gave to me in childhood. Meeting Jose Villa - the top fine art wedding photographer in the world was a turning point to us, to convey timeless fine art portraits on film with soft and pastel color tones that we gravitate a lot towards. Destination art fine photographer KT Merry encouraged us, to be our true selves in photography; family photographers Twig and Olive Photography embraced us that we don't need to be commercial like other photographers in Hong Kong, but follow our passion and do the way we want for candid and artistic style of photography with families and couples. We are forever thankful to have met them and develop on the style of photography that we love a lot now. Artists from Impressionism Arts like Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, inspire us on photography towards fine arts, with an indistinctive border between photography, painting, and arts. After all, photography is an art form too.


    5. Can you share your favorite things to do in Hong Kong? 

    I love trying out new things, exploring cafes, seeing arts, and meeting people. Our recent favorite to relax is at the Mills - used to be one of the largest textile industries, now turned into a renovated arts hub for art lovers and lifestyle brands in arts, heritage, tech style, and sustainability. You may find us working at a cafe or taking some snaps of passengers around the corner! Another one that we love is Blue Bottle Coffee  just entered into Hong Kong from the United States, which reminds us of the time hanging out with our friends, in between our favorite museums at Museum of Fine Arts and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, and enjoying a relaxing afternoon after a day of work.


    Little Stories - the Moment by Amy,, http://little-stories.co

  • KIM BACON: Kim Bacon Photography

    1. Let us know a bit about you and your photography style? 

    I have lived in Hong Kong and Asia for over 20 years. I fell in love with this amazing city after traveling Asia and Australia and turning up here with a backpack, many many moons ago. I started my photography business back in 2013, and have been photographing Hong Kong families, pregnant mammas, babies, newborns & events ever since. My style is relaxed and I try to capture natural portraits. I like my sessions to be a fun and enjoyable experience. With family sessions, I love to capture the connection, love and laughter of families. With newborns, it's amazing to document this tiny new life and with maternity sessions I get the chance to be arty or dreamy, while making mammas-to-be feel beautiful. I shoot both posed and candid images, and would turn every photo into B&W if I could. I deliver most images in both colour & B&W to clients.


    2. From your point of view, what makes a good photograph?

    Photography for me is capturing a moment in time. That may be a fit of giggles from a toddler, it might be a lovely moment between family, a cheeky smile or even a grumpy face. I love them all as they show personalities and real life. These are the moments and special memories that my clients will look back on and treasure forever.


    3. What do you love about photographing families in Hong Kong?

    We have a wonderful city to use as a backdrop. I can be photographing at a park in the morning and the beach in the afternoon. We have great urban areas too, so can capture the real essence of Hong Kong. I never tire of discovering new places to shoot.


    4. Who has influenced your journey as a photographer and why?

    My early days of photography were definitely more influenced by documentary and street photographers. I didn't take many photos of children back then. My mum bought me a film SLR camera for my 21st birthday and I spend hours walking around London with it, documenting the city and it's people. My photography has always had people at it's centre, I have no interest in photographing a flower, or even a landscape (unless you put a person in it!), it has always been about people for me. Working with children for so many years, I became intrigued by them and it was only natural they became a big focus of my photographs. I returned to London to study photography in 2003, and my final major project was on the history and styles of maternity photography. I photographed women of all different ages, sizes and cultures, all over London, which is where my love of capturing that special round bump was born. The influence of those documentary & street photographers can still be seen in my work now, with my continued love of black & white images.

    5. Can you share your favorite things to do in Hong Kong? Any secret finds?

    I love this vibrant city we call home. Living on Lamma Island, I'm lucky to have the outdoor life on my doorstep. A love of hiking was only discovered about 10 years ago and there are still many trails for me to conquer here in Hong Kong. Discovering new graffiti is a favorite of mine in this city, as they can make for a fantastic backdrop to photographs. Plover Cove is a fun place to visit up in the New Territories, with a lovely walk through an abandoned village (complete with old schoolhouse) it's a wonderful window into old Hong Kong life.


    Kim Bacon Photography, +852 6681 1105,

  • BETTY SHAM: Bettitude Photography

    1. Let us know a bit about you and your photography style? 

    I specialize in newborn, maternity, and family portraits with a focus on capturing them in different ways. I started by photography in landscape and underwater photography many years ago, and portrait photography was a natural progression. I am fond of using different compositions and color tones to create a photography style that is warm, simple and stylish. I have enjoyed working with many parents and became well known after coverage in key Hong Kong blogs, forums, and magazines. Bettitude Photography offers a truly versatile and unique take on occasions, people and objects. Each image reflects Betty's acuteness in spotting small wonders in life.


    2. From your point of view, what makes a good photograph?

    A picture that is taken with a moment, a touch, and a character. It's unique, timeless, and priceless to the family.


    3. What do you love about photographing families in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is a city with different cultures and is very dynamic and energetic. I find it very rewarding to work with clients of different nationalities and demand (photo styles and preferences). I worked with a few clients who engaged in business in the arts and design field which proved to be both inspiring and challenging but that is what I love most about photographing families in HK!


    4. Who has influenced your journey as a photographer and why?

    My old clients who have given me full encouragement to go into photography full-time and stick with my photo styles and my passion. I'm happy to have started my own business in an early time when there were only a few photographers in the HK market giving me a chance to meet a lot of great clients, like friends, who have supported me to stick with my passion and styles. Of course, without their active referrals, I would have never been brave enough to go full time and run my business with my own style.


    5. Can you share your favorite things to do in Hong Kong? 

    My favorite things are to indulge myself in nature - hiking and scuba diving are some of my hobbies, These outdoor hobbies help me stay positive and appreciate what the universe has given us and they give me energy and inspiration to do my job better and better and to love my job more and more. Working closely with my clients has given me a chance to understand the true meaning of being a photographer.  One story that impacted me was when I learned that I had taken the last beautiful and framed picture for a family whose baby's mother suffered from cancer and our session was the last chance to take a newborn photo for the family before her last journey.


    Bettitude Photography, +852 6082 3199 , , 

  • SAKSHI VERMA: Sakshi Verma Photography

    1. Let us know a bit about you and your photography style? 

    I am high energy, travel-obsessed, emotional, dog crazy, super chatty, coffee-lover, always looking to catch the light that shines in a child's eyes. My photography style is very similar to my personality and I always spend a few minutes trying to know my subjects better before I click that first shot. It certainly helps to have that additional level of comfort on both sides of the camera. While you might find me doing maternity or newborn shoots in a studio, most of my family work is using natural light in the comfort of your home or at one of the many amazing locations in Hong Kong.I love the challenge of creating images relevant to a small business owner's vision for his brand. Or even schools that are looking for student portraits different from the norm. (Seriously, if there's one thing that needs to evolve, its student yearbook photos with their blue backdrops!)


    2. From your point of view, what makes a good photograph?

    A good photograph is one that can tell a story. A good portrait is one that might give you a little glimpse of the subject's soul. A good landscape picture makes you feel the air where it was shot. A good group/family shot speaks of the emotional connection between the people in it. A good photograph makes the viewer feel that it was a frame captured with love. A good photograph does not happen when people are directed to do something that is opposite to their very personality, on the other hand, it showcases their very spirit.


    3. What do you love about photographing families in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong itself is such a unique and special city. A cosmopolitan, cultural hotspot that has so many flavors to it. While some days I meet families that have been here for generations, very often I work with families that are here for short periods. I love to think that my pictures shall be a part of their kids' precious memories as they grow up. There are families that I've been photographing year after year. It feels so special to have seen how the family/kids grew from year to year. I feel so privileged when clients send shots of canvasses hanging up in their new homes, sometimes even after they've moved out of HK.


    4. Who has influenced your journey as a photographer and why?

    My family, friends, and so many amazing photographer peers/seniors/friends, and all my travels. I do continually enroll myself in interesting photography workshops to hone my art/editing skills. While training with some of the world's top newborn photographers, I learned a lot about their style along with key skills like newborn safety. I never tire of seeing work by the Masters like Steve McCurry and Annie Leibowitz. Photographers and teachers, Bryan Peterson and Michael Freeman inspire me with how they simplify a photograph, almost scientifically. I also owe a lot to my former boss (corporate life- seems like a lifetime ago) who encouraged and taught me the basics of my first DSLR.


    5. Can you share your favorite things to do in Hong Kong? 

    You will often find me on Bowen Road, or in the Tai Tam Country Park with my rescue dog. I love how accessible everything is in this city. There are so many places that are just a walk away. I love to think that the art scene and good coffee shops have somehow grown simultaneously! There are so many people working towards making art accessible to the public. Not so secret, but interesting find, I am a big fan of HKWalls. You can easily spend a couple of hours viewing work by HKWalls artists in the Wanchai district alone.


    Sakshi Verma Photography, +852 6626 5525,

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