Online Kids Program At Metropolis Museum

Handy App Allows For Easy Booking Via Age + Activity

Metropolis Museum Hong Kong

With social distancing still in play, parents are struggling to find suitable alternatives to keep their kids stimulated and continue their education path. Luckily for parents in Hong Kong, the Metropolis Museum has come up with a fantastic option, they have recently launched a new online kids program designed for ages 2 -13 years.

This program was created, especially for kids who are feeling deprived of social interaction. Their sessions are aimed at developing imagination, expression, critical thinking! And to make it even better, they have launched an app for easy booking. The App lets you search by date/age/activity, a super simple booking process that you can access from your phone or laptop.

The Details:

Price: They range from HK$100 to HK$400 per session. Packages usually come by 4.

Ages: 2 -13 years

Classes: Nature Walks (7-13); Storytelling in English (2-5); Storytelling in English with Mandarin interaction (2-5); Art (5-13); and Art Talks (4-13).

The Art Talks for kids are unique in Hong Kong and involve the learning of very particular skill sets that will be forever theirs. Such as:

– expressing opinions

– spatial reasoning

– objectivity

– visualization

– creative thinking

Metropolis Museum is offering 20 free trials. Simply email to museum@hk-mm.com indicating your child’s name, age, and which class you would like to try.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Metropolis Museum has launched a fantastic online kid's program to keep the children engaged socially and academically. Plus they've released this super handy app where you can book the classes on your phone or your laptop.

Who It's Perfect For:

Children ages 2 -13 years.

What Else:​

Their complete online program is coming out in September. Their fun biology and nature subjects will be listed in the first week of September. Their goal is to connect social skills with fun and exciting academics. The Face to Face activities will resume as soon as the social distancing rules are relaxed. They will be conducted in small groups of 4 or 6 kids depending on the activity.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Booking with APP Here: https://metropolismuseum.app.engageplus.io/booking/upcoming

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