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Lockdown, circuit breaker, homeschool, home learning – we are all in it together! There is so much change happening in the world of education right now and while there is plenty of stress, families are also finding new ways of teaching and learning alongside their kids during this tricky time. Aside from the usual school program, the world’s innovators are coming up with some very creative ways families can further education in fun and creative ways. Check out our list of top finds to teach the joy of learning from home!

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MUSIC: Want some music to enjoy while on lockdown?  Click here for our Spotify curated playlist just for lockdown days.

VIDEO: The team at Little Steps has curated a playlist of our top videos to help you through this time.  Click here!


    Apps are an easy way to supplement home learning. The tricky part is navigating the surplus of apps on the market which encompass all kinds of topics from Math to Biology. The Little Steps team has rounded up a list of the best kid-friendly apps that you can download to your phone or tablet now to aid their learning journey! Go on now - these are fabulous and free.


    Top Educational Apps For Kidsclick here

  • VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS: Volcanoes, Space, Everest, More!

    Field trips are a favorite part of school! Good news - you can take amazing field trips from the comfort of your home with unique virtual field trips brought to you by Google, NASA, museums, zoos, and tourism boards all over the world. From virtual reality trips to visiting MARS to going deep inside a volcano, this handy guide offers edutainment galore. We simply can not stop clicking!


    50 Virtual Field Tripsclick here

  • VIRTUAL REALITY FUN: Buy A Set And Explore The World 3D!

    One investment that will pay plenty of educational dividends is a pair of VR viewers. You can buy the viewer online, put your smartphone into the viewer and download the relevant app and then unleash the power of VR in interactive field trip videos and learning all over the world. Top videos to explore via VR include videos by Conservation International,


    VR Films To Watch With Kids:

    Conservation International, Amazon, Oceans, More

    360 Youtube VR For Kids, lots of amazing videos here

    Google Earth VR - Innovative and educational

    Discovery VR - Animals and more

    Virtual Field Trips With Boeing - Super cool kids trips!


    Hong Kong VR Viewer:

    Toys R Us


    Singapore VR Viewer:



    Kuala Lumpur VR Viewer:



    Hike The Great Wall Of China, explore Peru, and marvel at art in Italy - it is time to take a holiday as a family. Travel may be on hold right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring. Until it’s safe and responsible to venture out once more, show your family the beauty of the world with these cool adventures from your computer or phone.


    Virtual Family Holidaysclick here


    After a day of home learning, getting a little help from our celebrity friends for story time never hurt! Lucky for us, there are some amazing new online resources featuring our favorite musicians, artists, and actors that we can now tap into for a fun-filled bedtime story. Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and more - bring on the fun. The best part - it is free on Instagram daily.


    Virtual Storytime With Celebritiesclick here

  • UNIQUE VIRTUAL ACTIVITIES: 50+ Homeschooling Activities

    Lucky for us, there are so many interesting home learning supplemental activities to make the days filled full of educational fun. For those looking for additional home education and homeschool resources to keep your kids busy and enjoying the world of learning, we have gathered over 50 resources to supplement your home learning routine. From tips on space from real astronauts to virtual webcams to watching TED-Ed videos and beyond, this list is fun and edu-fabulous. Enjoy!


    50 Unique Virtual Activitiesclick here

  • HOST A VIRTUAL PARTY: Dance, Camp-out, And More

    Break up the homeschooling with a good bit of fun at the end of the day - let's party! We have rounded up the best apps for hosting virtual parties and also provided 5 popular themes as well. Organize a dance-off, have a camp-out or play a board game with friends and family from afar. This round-up is for all ages - enjoy!


    Virtual Party Ideas For Kidsclick here

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