Avendale International Kindergarten In Hong Kong

Cross-Curricular Learning & Inspired Approach

Avendale Hong Kong

Avendale is a bilingual international kindergarten with campuses across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Their spaces are purposefully designed to facilitate the incorporation of the British EYFS and Hong Kong Kindergarten Education curriculum with the Reggio Emilia-inspired child-centered approach, as well as cross-curricular learning.

This approach is as comprehensive as it gets in itself, but Avendale keeps finding new ways to inspire its future citizens of the world. Fully dedicated to their goal of inspiring curiosity, they cater to each kiddo and their superpowers individually. But also through Enrichment Programs that aim to cover the areas of artistic development, culinary skills, sports, creative construction, STEM-based experiences, and opportunities to nurture their love of literacy through language-based programs.


    Avendale talks the talk and walks the walk. You can visit their campuses to see how their expert teachers organically instill the values of determination, curiosity, respect, compassion, integrity, and gratitude in young minds so they can give back to their community and the world at large. Book a tour or register for an Open Day here!


    Even better, this February and March you have a chance to join a free Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten Experience Class! Get a glimpse of the magic that the Avendale teachers use to turn their interactions with the students into millions of neural connections per second, shaping their worldview in a way that benefits both them and their surroundings! Register for a complimentary class here!


    This February, Avendale is celebrating Valentine's Day at two of its campuses and inviting all Hong Kong families to share the love! And love really flows in Avendale - in February, you and your kiddo can even join an Avendale Valentine's playgroup class for free! Book your place fast as they are very limited and very worth snatching!


    Whampoa Campus, 3/F Harbourfront Landmark, 11 Wan Hoi Street, Whampoa, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3461 3173

    Sai Wan Campus, 1-2 Floor, 554-560 Queen’s Road West, Sai Wan, Hong Kong, +852 3619 1136

    Harmony Garden Campus, Harmony Garden, 9 Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2866 8260

Where To Find It:​

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