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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – mention boarding schools in Europe and this might be the first thing in your child’s mind. And believe it or not, boarding schools in Europe are not just at par with the fictitious Hogwarts, perhaps even better.  Little Steps has been researching which schools in Europe the best for international kids in Asia – here is our list!

Want more – here are our top 10 Boarding Schools in UK as well!

Why Go To Boarding School In Europe? 

Europe is known for its architecture and historical landmarks – castles turned into museums, hotels, restaurants, and schools. Sumptuous cuisine – home of the most Michelin-starred restaurants. The breathtaking scenery, the accessibility of state-of-the-art facilities, the scientific and technological innovations. The languages – it’s not a surprise if you come across trilingual Europeans. Swiss people alone speak French, German, and English. And most of all, the people.  Imagine all of these combined and packed in a boarding school – the possibilities are endless for your child!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Boarding School in Europe?

There are factors to consider when choosing a boarding school to help narrow your options. For example, would you like co-ed or exclusive boys or girls only? Do take note that most boarding schools in Europe are co-ed. Another thing is the curriculum – it’s different for each country. Not all have the IB curriculum. Some have local ones, e.g. the French curriculum for France. Once you have decided, it will be easier to choose your child’s very own Hogwarts experience.

  • Boarding School Switzerland

    LE ROSEY - Boarding School In Switzerland

    100% Boarding School, IB Curriculum or French Baccalaureate, Co-ed

    Switzerland is among the top countries in the world with the best education system. Le Rosey, a pure boarding school, has its main campus in the magnificent Rolle estate. But from January to March, they move to their winter campus in a chalet village in Gstaad, a ski resort. During this time, half of their day is used for winter sports. Roseans have a rigorous academic life, where they even learn 2 to 3 foreign languages. But it is complemented by a vast selection of extracurriculars ranging from community work to sports, music to arts, technology to cultural activities. Each student is encouraged to hone and expand their areas of interest. The classes are usually co-ed, but the houses are divided into the girl's and boy's campuses, with the teachers and their families living amongst them. They have their music hall on the main campus and their charity supporting educational projects all over the world. Check out the admissions of Le Rosey here!

    Le Rosey, +41 21 822 55 00 (Main Campus), rosey@rosey.ch, https://www.rosey.ch/

  • Brighton-College-Top-Boarding-Schools-UK-Hong-Kong

    BRIGHTON COLLEGE - Boarding School In UK

    Boarding and Day School, British Curriculum, Co-ed

    Consistently in the top 3 boarding schools in the UK, Brighton College has been dubbed the School of the Decade by The Sunday Times. Their headmaster, Richard Cairns, is an institution himself in the private school system. Their boarding school has weekly and full options, to make sure that they cater to every family's needs. Hailed as one of the best STEM schools in the country, their academics measure above and beyond. They have a GCSE level A & A* grades of 93.93%, but the true principle by which they operate is kindness. Not only toward others but also kindness to themselves. "The currency at Brighton is kindness, pure and simple," according to The Sunday Times. Not only are they academically focused, their location is near the beach, which also means they take advantage of this when weather permits. If this is something that you would want your child to embody for their holistic development, then click here to learn more!

    Brighton College, +44 (0)1273 704200, seniorsch@brightoncollege.net, https://www.brightoncollege.org.uk/


    INTERNAT SCHULE SCHLOSS STEIN - Boarding School In Germany

    Boarding and Day School, Grammar with linguistic and economic units, Co-ed

    Ever wondered how it is to be living and studying in a castle? Wonder no more, the Schloss Stein is an actual piece of history. Thus, the school carries on the preservation of historical traditions coupled with classical family values. This creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that ensures holistic learning. Though lectures are conducted in German, from 7th grade onward you can choose another language for your child to study - English, French or Latin. Most weekends, there is always a scheduled event in nearby cities in Germany or neighboring countries like Austria - lectures, events, name it and they have it ready for your child. Their homepage is new, but you can find everything you need about admissions here!

    Internat Schule Schloss Stein, +49 (0) 8621 8001–114, info@schule-schloss-stein.de, https://schule-schloss-stein.de/

  • HERLUFSHOLM Boarding School In Denmark

    HERLUFSHOLM - Boarding School In Denmark

    Boarding and Day School, IB and Danish Curriculum, Co-ed

    Herlufsholm is located in Denmark, the happiest place on earth. And how does the school ensure that your child stays in this state while at boarding school? Their routine is a mix of lax and structure. Students are required to participate in at least one weekly activity, the weekends alternate between staying on campus then the other is spent outside, freely. Staying on campus at the weekend does not mean you can slack off, you also have structured activities such as house championships - yes, just like Hogwarts, they have houses and compete with each other. Being well-rounded also means that the students participate in local community activities, in addition to international ones. To learn more about applying to Herlufsholm, click here!

    Herlufsholm,+45 55 75 35 00, rektorkontor@herlufsholm.dk, https://herlufsholm.dk/

  • ECOLE DES ROCHES Boarding School

    ECOLE DES ROCHES - Boarding School In France

    100% Boarding School, French and IB Curriculum, Co-ed

    With the picturesque backdrop of Normandy, Ecole des Roches is surrounded by nature and could very well be seen in a postcard. Students who have no background in French, from 11 years old, can enroll in the French classes first and then eventually continue with their studies on the campus. Personal development is a highlight of the boarding school life at Roches. This is why the main values of the school, aside from academic success, are a brotherhood, ethical education, and mutual respect. These are ingrained in the student from day one. "Armed for Life," is their tagline and their academic and extracurricular offerings ensure this goal for your children. Learn more about applications here!

    Ecole des Roches, +33 (0)2 32 60 40 00, ecoledesroches@ecoledesroches.com, https://www.ecoledesroches.co.uk/

  • EErde Boarding School Europe

    EERDE INTERNATIONAL BOARDING SCHOOL - Boarding School In The Netherlands

    Boarding and Day School, IB Curriculum, Co-ed

    Being the only international boarding and day school in The Netherlands, Eerde prides itself in small class sizes to ensure optimized learning. They use inquiry-based and experiential learning techniques. The main language of instruction is English, and the school is accredited by the Council of International Schools. The main building on campus is a castle, surrounded by water-filled moats that continue throughout, it’s like living in a fairytale. Though they offer full boarding, there is also a weekly boarding option if need be. Sports activities are often coached by professionals and students can compete professionally as well. The school is partnered with Rijksmuseum, a national museum, and The Hazelhorst, an equestrian camp. Learn about how to enroll international students here!

    Eerde International Boarding School, +31 (0)529 451452, info@eerdeibs.nl, https://www.eerde.nl/


    ST. JOHN'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - Boarding School In Belgium

    Boarding and Day School, IB Curriculum, Co-ed

    St. John's is the top boarding school in Belgium, and in 2020, they achieved an IB score of 34 points, which is above the world average. The campus is located in the world-famous Waterloo, around 15 km from Brussels. The language of instruction is in English, however, 50% of their students receive the coveted Bilingual Diploma (the other language is French). They also offer Advanced Placement (AP) programs and are accredited by the Council of International Schools. Boarding is also flexible with full, weekly, or ad hoc options. They are a member of the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST), and they compete with other member schools, both locally and internationally. Learn how to enroll your child here!

    St. John's International School, +32 2 352 0610, enquiries@stjohns.be, https://www.stjohns.be/


    AMADEUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL - Boarding School In Austria

    Boarding and Day School, IB Curriculum, Co-ed

    With an integrated music and arts academy, which is not a surprise as Mozart was from Austria, Amadeus' IB points exceeded the world average in 2020. Their approach is personalized and project-based learning, with low average class size. The routine of the boarding school includes two hours of assessment, twice a week, to ensure that the boarding students are right on track. Their core curriculum provides a solid foundation in the Arts, and they believe that every child has a hidden talent for it. However, extracurricular classes in music and arts are, of course, optional. But if you choose for your child to participate, they are going to be trained by professionals and masters in the field. They would also perform recitals, both locally and internationally, and be introduced into the professional performing arts network. Check out their admissions, here!

    Amadeus International School, +43 1 470 30 37 35, admissions@amadeus-vienna.com, https://amadeus-vienna.com/


    GENTIUM SCHOLA OPITERGIUM - Boarding School In Italy

    Boarding and Day School, IB Curriculum, Co-ed

    Also called the International School of Talents, they use the IST approach which makes the school very unique. Once your child enrols, their IST team creates a Talent Profile through interviews and activities. The Talent Profile is monitored throughout the child's time in school. They believe that a child's talent develops through the interplay of three factors: multiple intelligence, motivation and interpersonal relation. Thus, the educational approach depends on the student's individuality and their talents. They are given the freedom to choose their priority subjects and curriculum. And they are also provided with the proper contacts to hone their talents. Another distinctive program that they have is their partnership with the Brandolini Rota Institute campus where they can provide each other with academic and extracurricular opportunities. The method of instruction is in English, and the boarding house is in the middle of a huge, nature park. To learn more about enrollment, click here!

    Gentium Schola Opitergium, +39 0422 1883580, info@gsoschool.com, https://www.gsoschool.com/

  • COLEGIO MONTFORT Boarding School

    COLEGIO MONTFORT - Boarding School In Spain

    Boarding and Day School, IB Curriculum and Spanish Bachillerato , Co-ed

    Graduates of Colegio Montfort get immersed in three different curriculums. From 2 to 10 years of age, they have the British curriculum. And then afterward, they implement the American High School and Spanish curriculum, which means they graduate with a double degree. Though the school’s instruction is bilingual (Spanish and English), by the age of 10, another language is introduced (French), and when they reach middle school - they can opt for German or Mandarin. The school is also multi-awarded. It is included in the top 7 schools in Spain, and the top 5 in Madrid. It has several certifications including ISO 9001 Standard by AENOR and The International Certification Network. Boarding school starts from age 7 and the extracurricular offerings are the most numerous in the country - from flamenco to Kajukenbo street self defence to a paintball team, name it, they probably have it. To learn more about enrolling your child, click here!

    Colegio Montfort, +34 918867065, administracion@montfort.uax.es, https://www.colegiomontfort.es/

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