Love Living In Tin Shui Wai Community Art Campaign

At Five Different Link Malls!

2020 Sep 20 - 2020 Dec 20

Love Living In Tin Shui Wai Community Art Campaign

Link Mall is inviting you to discover the underrated yet culturally rich Tin Shui Wai district through their “Love Living In Tin Shui Wai” Community Art Campaign. Check out the events!

Treasure Hunt Map

Discover Tin Shui Wai’s hidden gems of natural wonders and cultural heritage. At any of the five Link Malls, you can take a day trip beginning with breakfast at Tin Shing Shopping
Centre, followed by a selfie session at the historic Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda, then a stroll in Tin
Shui Wai Park, and finally Lam Hang Hill for sunset and delicious treats at T town. At the end of the day trip, you can pick up the boar game that comes with the map and continue discovering the beautiful Tin Shui Wan from home!

13 Fun Photo Spots

Make a trip to all five malls to locate 13 vibrant and playful scenes of Tin Shui Wan that will get you some unique and Instagrammable shots of the kids. The scenes will feature the themes of “Love Eating”, “Love Shopping”, “Love Sport”, “Love Cooking” and “Love Playing”. By taking selfies at these locations you will have the chance to win a prize!

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Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Discover the beautiful Tin Shui Wan district through Link Mall's exciting new community art campaign!

Additional Info:​

Love Living In Tin Shui Wai, Located at these five locations: T Town, Tin Chak Shopping
Centre, Tin Yiu Plaza, Tin Shing Shopping Centre, & Tin Shui Shopping Centre, Hong Kong,

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