Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong

Local Sustainable And Ethical Fashion Brands

Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong

Did you know that the fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions? Although fast fashion is on the rise, it does come at an environmental cost. Currently, the fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of the world water supply. Luckily, fashion brands are adopting better ethical practices, and customers lookout for this more and more. Here in Hong Kong, we are blessed with a slew of eco-friendly designers who put sustainability first.

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Basics for Basics


    LGBTQ Activist Kayla Wong founded this ethical fashion brand. They are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint by using organic cotton and surplus fabrics. We love their soft and minimalistic essentials, like hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, and more!

    Basics for Basics,

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Cosmos Studio

    COSMOS STUDIO: Jeffrey Man & Davy Chen

    Cosmos Studio was founded by Jeffrey Man & Davy Chen here in Hong Kong. They design and manufacture their products ethically and sustainably with their signature eco-minimalist approach. Cosmos Studio releases zero wastewater in its apparel, and its products are 100% animal cruelty-free. Their manufacturing partner is based in Shandong, China, which is BSCI protected. We love their simple yet trendy t-shirts.

    Cosmos Studio,

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Skin of Nature

    SKIN OF NATURE: Elena Beraldo

    Founder, Elena Beraldo, has always been a fan of nature and nearly a professional athlete. In 2016 she dreamt of creating a conscious brand that celebrated nature by producing sustainable and ethical apparel. This dream became a reality in 2020 with the launch of her eco-friendly fashion brand Skin of Nature that offers active-lifestyle garments that come in stunning prints and colors that represent nature.

    Skin of Nature,

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Paper Shades

    PAPER SHADES: James & Madi Chu

    Sunglasses are a must-have in Hong Kong, with beach days galore in this great city! If you want to buy eco-friendly glasses, head to Paper Shades, founded by James & Madi Chu. They offer cool customizable sunglasses made from sturdy recycled paper. These biodegradable frames are paired with superb 400UV lenses.

    Paper Shades,

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - PYE

    PYE: Dee Poon

    PYE is the brainchild of Dee Poon, who creates ethical men's wear with an honest seed-to-shirt approach. PYE farms and spins their own cotton and then cuts and sews their own patterns, thus fully managing the entire production. PYE has since reduced its water and energy consumption by 57 and 43% respectively over the last decade while still providing its customers with beautiful men's formal attire.


  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Tove & Libra

    TOVE & LIBRA: Ivan & Christine

    Siblings Ivan & Christine come from a family that has been in the clothing business for three generations, manufacturing fabrics and apparel for fashion brands big and small. In 2018, brother and sister decided to venture on their own creating eco-friendly womenswear. They ensure ethical production by sourcing and owning their own production facilities. They also have insider access to deadstock yarns and materials, which they then repurpose into their products. Their mission is to make fashion that’s better for both our closet and our planet!

    Tove & Libra,

  • Benny Yuen was founded in 2012 in the small fishing town Tai O by Hong Kong designer Benny Yuen. They create sustainable outdoor wear using traditional Southeast Asian craft techniques and materials that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, also donates a part of its revenues to support children from less developed places.,

  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - Ekam

    EKAM: Avisha

    Ekam offers gorgeous and sustainable unique bohemian wear. The prints are romantic and inspired by vintage India, and they use ancient techniques, including block prints and ikat weaves, crafting them to suit their idea of modern femininity. In addition to being an ethical fashion brand, they also give five pads (made with organic cotton) to women in need with every item bought at ekam.


  • Best Eco-Friendly Designers In Hong Kong - PHVLO

    PHVLO: Johanna Ho

    Local designer Johanna Ho founded this sustainable fashion brand. They are committed to using the latest technology and fabrics that have the least impact on the environment. Their clothing does confine to seasons, and their unique outdoor yet stylish wear can be worn throughout the year.


  • BAMBOA: Julia Washbourne

    Bamboo is the name of the game at Bamboa, as the name might suggest. The brand, founded by Julia Washnbourne, carries a wide range of products made with locally harvested bamboo, from clothing and tableware to bamboo fiber bedding and towels. Local communities across Asia make most items, and their purchase supports artisans. The products are environmentally friendly as bamboo is the fastest growing plant. These bamboo products can help alleviate deforestation and poverty in rural areas as the products are mainly crafted by locals.


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