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Prenatal And Postnatal Spa Treatments At Four Seasons Spa Hong Kong

Spa @ Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

The Spa At Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong has always been a favorite pamper palace in the city. This spa goes beyond the basics and offers a slew of choices for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy recovery. Check it out!


    Their most popular treatment for women during pregnancy and in the 100 days after giving birth. Mother's Love pre and post–natal treatments are developed to reward your body physically and strengthen your mind emotionally. Using only natural, organic oils, these treatments are entirely safe and developed by their Senior Spa Director during her own pregnancy. Session is 2 hours.


    This is ideal for women who are struggling to get past the last remnant of water weight and bloating after 100 days. This deeply detoxifying experience will show immediate results.  A deeply effective firming treatment, this detoxifying journey involved a salt scrub and a custom clay wrap.  Your skilled therapist then applies a snug wrap of bandages and their Bodyslim thermal blanket to generate warmth and stimulate water release. To expel any remaining toxins from your newly toned body, a lymphatic massage provides the finishing touch. Session is 2.5 hours.



    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hong Kong 8 Finance Street Central, Hong Kong

    +852 3196-8888


  • The Four Seasons has drawn on the unique skills of their most senior therapists to offer this special abdominal massage, versions of which are performed across many cultures as a way to clear blocked energy and release tension and toxins that accumulate in the organs. This unique external massage works to reposition organs into their optimal place and achieve hormonal balance. For women, it includes the repositioning of the uterus for those whose uterus has shifted out of ideal position. In some cultures, this repositioning has been believed to aid in getting pregnant. Session is 1.5 hours.

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