The Chinese postpartum tradition of a month-long confinement includes getting rest and eating nutritious foods. One of the best meals during confinement is Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew, which new moms can start enjoying a week after natural delivery, or around two weeks after a C-section. Dig in!

This traditional Chinese stew’s status as a post-natal staple has to do with the vinegar-soaked ginger that helps warm the body by expelling wind and cold from the mother’s body. It also has collagen and calcium from pork knuckles, which helps speed wound recovery and enhance breast milk production. The eggs are naturally fortifying as they are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

Pat Chun, famed for its vinegars and sauces and established for over 80 years, offers slow-cooked Pork Knuckles & Ginger Stew made-to-order in various sizes, including a version that comes complete with a crock pot and basket, perfect for gifting to relatives and friends!