Want to do something different to celebrate your party or a party for a loved one. Why not check out Global Silent Disco, they will bring a unique party to you! Their wireless illuminated disco headsets make amplified sound audible to each attendee while eliminating external distractions and guests have complete control over their experience as they can adjust the volume to their own desired level.

Their Services

Birthday Parties – A silent party is a unique and youthful way to celebrate a birthday. This innovative technology offers the perfect way to shake up a traditional celebration.  Get your disco divas ready for a super fun party.

Corporate Events – Looking for a nice teambuilding activity for your staff outings? Try a silent disco yoga/Zumba/fitness or dance party. Global Silent Disco has organized many successful silent disco yoga/Zumba/dance events for many companies in Hong Kong as teambuilding activities.

Wellness Events – Silent Disco is a perfect fit for wellness festival, the Disco headsets can be used for fitness, yoga, taichi, zumba, dance, meditation, and mindfulness.

Wedding Events – Want something special and extraordinary for your wedding reception, their technology ensures that you will not have to end your party early due to local noise restrictions after a certain hour.

Prices are not included as they vary from event to event, however, if you are interested, you can contact them with the specifics and they can quote your event accordingly. Click here for more information.