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What Makes The Harbour School’s Approach To Learning So Unique?

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Families should not have to choose between academics and enjoying school. The Harbour School (THS), delivers both by starting with a simple promise – your child will be known.

At THS, every student is truly known, respected, and feel connected with the teachers and staff at school. THS head of school Dr. Jadis Blurton believes that a learning environment, curriculum, and pedagogies should be developmentally appropriate and responsive to individual children’s strengths, interests, and learning styles, thus enabling them to unlock their best.

Here’s what they do to accomplish this:

  • Provide small group, differentiated instruction. A low student-teacher ratio allows for differentiated instruction and creates a “just-right” learning environment where students are stretched but not stressed.
  • Make learning active. Active learning means students engage with materials, the learning environment, participate in lessons, and collaborate with one another, bringing their natural curiosity to a lesson.
  • Engage the whole child. To do this, teachers really know their students, above and beyond their academic strengths and challenges.
  •  Help students own their learning. THS teachers guide students in understanding how they learn best by encouraging them to ask themselves questions through reflection.
  • Help students find their truth. Students discover a sense of purpose in their learning through purposeful opportunities built into curriculum time to explore their interests.

The Result

A vibrant community of learners who love coming to school every day, motivated to do their best because they work daily with passionate teachers who believe in them.

Learn more about how The Harbour School is making a difference here!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Understand how The Harbour School goes above and beyond to make sure they unlock the very best in your child!

Who It's Perfect For:

Anyone interested in learning more about THS's unique approach to learning.

What Else:​

In keeping with the school’s personal style, THS will be conducting virtual meet-ups with school leaders, teachers and current parents by matching individual queries and needs from prospective families. Sign up for a customized THS experience today here!

Where To Find It:​

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