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Talking Heads Monica Ho Bilingual Education Hong Kong

Bilingual Education Hong Kong


We continue the Little Steps Talking Heads series, where parents can meet, greet, and get tips from Hong Kong’s Heads of Schools! Get personal with these fabulous personalities and find out what makes them tick, their advice for parents navigating the schooling scene, and their favorite things about life in the city.

In this edition, we say hello to Monica Ho, Principal at Bilingual Education Hong Kong.

  • Favorite_Things

    1. What's your favorite thing on your desk and why? The pictures of my son and my students. They keep me motivated to pursue a better education and learning environment for toddlers and children.

    2. What are your 3 favorite children's books? Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle; There's a Dinosaur in My Soup! By William Boniface; Who Has What?: All About Girls' Bodies and Boys' Bodies by Robie H. Harris.

  • Advice

    1. What is the best way for parents to be involved in their children’s education? I believe that parents are lifelong role models, mentors and advisors. Besides teaching and educating, it is more important for parents to observe, listen and understand their children’s needs. I always encourage children to express themselves in words. It could not only benefit their language development, but also their emotional regulation and social interaction. When parents start putting their personal perspectives aside, it allows their children to show more of their love and trust. Afterall, communication is the key to enhance the bonding of parent-child relationships.

    2. Any tips for parents when applying for schools? The education system changes frequently every year, so I suggest parents attend school open days or information sessions to find out more. Understanding of the schools’ teaching styles, education goals and curriculum is important for parents to find the school that matches with their child’s personality. Plan ahead and be long sighted as education is a lifelong process. A child’s possibilities can be endless when they are on the right education path, and it's the parents job to guide them there.

    3. What's the best advice a teacher or headmistress ever gave you? Grow and learn with children. Although I have been working in this career for over 13 years, I am still learning new things everyday with my students and my own son. Early Childhood Education is the the most challenging and crucial stage in shaping children’s futures. By educating them in the right way, there’s no limits in children’s capabilities. I am happy to grow together with my students and that’s what keeps me inspired in this challenging career.

  • 1. Do you have a nickname? I don’t have a nickname, but my students call me “Mrs. Law” or “Teacher Monica” apart from “Principal Ho”.

    2. Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Hong Kong, but when I turned 12 years old, I left Hong Kong to go study in Toronto. I went on to complete my master's degree in Sydney.

    3. Where do you live in the city and why do you love it there? I live in Kau To Shan and I love the stunning views there. My family and I like to live closer to nature, as you know, fresh air is precious in Hong Kong!

    4. What's in your lunchbox? “Cha Chaan Teng” is my all-time favorite lunch box supplier, their efficient service compliments my busy schedule.

  • 1. What or who inspired you to become a headmaster? My students and their parents inspire me and keep my career moving forward. Seeing students improve is the biggest motivation for me to continue striving for high quality early childhood education. With strong support of family, educators, parents and friends, I was encouraged to spread my knowledge, ideas and enthusiasms in the field. My team and I have the same vision and goal, we believe that the most important aspect in education is to allow children to grow up happily and healthily.

    2. Describe your school in 5 words or less! Joyful, Creative, Innovative, Expressive, Understanding.

  • Bilingual Education

    10/F Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

    +852 2806 8062

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