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STEAM, STEM, And Science Education, Classes, And Courses In Hong Kong *UPDATED

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STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

The 21st Century phenomenon recognizes the importance of preparing today’s youth and giving them the skills necessary to be successful in important roles in the future workplace. The world of employment is rapidly changing, so education has to quickly follow suit so that children are fully prepared when they leave school and move into a complex new work environment. Schools, after-school activity educators, and tutors offer fascinating learning options for children and teens.

  • What is STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    What are they?

    STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

    STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

    The terminology refers to careers centered around science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, the most rapidly growing industries worldwide. To remain competitive, educators have introduced STEM and STEAM into global educational frameworks to prepare children for the future. Adding arts to the education program makes learning more fun, keeps kids more engaged, encourages personal expression, and makes purpose of what they are learning. Interestingly, people with STEAM-related degrees make higher incomes and have a critical role in sustained growth and stability. Future job roles could include being a data scientist, systems architect, cybersecurity expert, and food scientist.

    In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, it is more important that today’s youth have the skills and knowledge to solve problems, understand information, and gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. Training in the arts is known to improve creativity and innovation. Students learn to approach issues with a critical mind and a positive attitude towards problem-solving. Exposure to the arts enhances communication skills essential for collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability.

  • Why STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Why STEM And STEAM Education Programs Are So Valuable

    STEM and STEAM have emerged as two leading routes to providing excellent education and well-rounded students. Job forecasts identify huge increases in jobs requiring secondary and post-secondary education in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics in future years. Bringing STEM and STEAM into the classroom gives students many more opportunities.

    Some of the tools students will have access to are:

    • Model Eliciting Activities have five characteristics: model eliciting, open-ended, generalizable, realistic, self-assessable
    • Project Based Learning includes reflection, research, discovery, application, and communication
    • Hands-on learning
    • Cooperative learning
    • Discussion and inquiry
    • Question and conjecture
    • Justification of thinking
    • Writing for reflection and problem solving
    • Use a problem-solving approach
    • Integrate technology
    • Teach as a facilitator
    • Use assessment as part of instruction
  • Program STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    STEM And STEAM Programs In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is always keen to be ahead of the game in STEM and STEAM offerings. A range of exciting companies offers unique programs that your kids will love. Little Steps has navigated its way around the city to bring you the top programs in Hong Kong.

  • Science STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Curiosity Kids

    Science-Filled Classes

    Curiosity Kids offers practical, fun-filled science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring. Their camps perfectly balance learning and fun as children explore various science concepts by performing hands-on, exciting experiments. The teachers believe kids need to be encouraged and empowered to be curious and ask questions, be creative in solving and answering those questions, have the confidence to explore, learn and experiment, and communicate effectively with their peers and educators. Explore their website for details and locations of various camps, workshops, and online classes in Hong Kong. Private camps are also available for groups of five or more children at a venue of your choice or at home.

    Curiosity Kids, various locations in Hong Kong, + 852 4615 7174, [email protected]https://curiositykidshk.com/hongkong-2/

  • Colour My World STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Colour My World

    Art And Tech

    Over two decades ago, the founder of Colour My World, Anna Tam, created a unique space for children to continue their creative growth. With a team of internationally inspiring artists and educators, she has brought various workshops to term times and the school holidays, including public speaking, creative writing, digital illustration and painting, filmmaking, and animation. Colour My World offers coding and computer science workshops for curious young minds over five years to give them a sense of artistry, creative vision, and a unique perspective into the world of technology.

    Colour My World, Room 108-110, 1/F, Marina Tower, 8 Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 2580 5028, [email protected], https://colour-my-world.com/

  • Cobo Academy STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Cobo Academy

    For Junior Creators, by Experienced Creators

    The academy embraces problem-based and project-based learning giving kids access to necessary timeless core skills for the future. The innovative curriculum is designed to supplement formal education. Courses include digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. The teachers allow the kids to learn at their own pace and offer one-to-one sessions and personalized planning to meet individual goals. They ensure that the kids have fun and express themselves freely to unleash their inner curiosity.

    Cobo Academy, various locations in Hong Kong, +852 9816 3905, [email protected], https://www.coboacademy.com/

  • STEM STEAM classes in Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Coding 101

    Robots, Blocks, And Raspberries

    Coding 101 offers small classes encouraging a personalized learning environment where children will thrive. Well-established IT and education professionals provide school-age kids with the best STEM and coding education. They've successfully taught at over 250 schools in the past couple of years, including classes in Makeblock robotics, Metas electronic blocks, Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronics, 3D Printing, and Minecraft education. Coding 101 has regular holiday camps and additional classes at the Science Park for kids that want to dig deep and have an affinity with STEM.

    Coding 101, Suite 310A, 3/F, Core Building 1, Hong Kong Science Park N/A Sha Tin, Hong Kong, +852 3705 2490, [email protected], https://www.coding101.hk/

  • Koding Kingdom STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Koding Kingdom

    Coding Courses

    The Koding Kingdom has provided fascinating coding courses for over 10,000 students aged five to 18 years. It is the largest professional tech academy in Hong Kong to provide children with various skills that prepare them for a successful future. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to enhance different types of intelligence, develop a cross-section of transferable skills and improve digital literacy. The Koding Kingdom encouraged kids to start with the foundational courses before moving into more specialist classes such as Minecraft and Redstone to develop their knowledge of engineering science.

    The Koding Kingdom, various locations across Hong Kong, +852 9224 6986, [email protected], https://kodingkingdom.com/

  • MakerBay STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia


    Making Things For The Community

    MakerBay is a non-profit community of makers passionate about bringing social and environmental impact to those in need. By providing education, kids can apply hands-on skills and design thinking to create innovative tools and designs in various workshops and events. The workshops are designed for children of all ages and levels; your kids can learn how to invent solutions by combining engineering, design, and art.

    MakerBay, 23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, +852 4638 0364, [email protected], https://makerbay.net/

  • American School Hong Kong STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    American School Hong Kong

    Earth, Life, Physical, Engineering

    The American School Hong Kong is operated by Esol Education, the largest international operator of American schools. The STEAM lessons are designed to prepare students to succeed in a global economy. The curriculum explores earth, life, and physical and engineering sciences. It equips children with the academic, social, and entrepreneurial skills required for success in the 21st century. After-school programs include robotics, student council, sports, and art.

    American School Hong Kong, 6 Ma Chung Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 3919 4100, +852 3919 4111, [email protected], https://www.ashk.edu.hk/

  • Dalton Learning Lab STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Dalton Learning Lab

    STEAM-Based Solutions

    Dalton Learning Lab is a venture of leading technologists and professional educators. They design and develop professional STEAM products, services, and solutions. The STEAM-based solutions are designed to complement existing school curricula and learning objectives. The coding course is suitable for older kids between eight and 13. It helps them understand the fundamentals of programming and algorithms, plus skills like communication, creativity, storytelling, and problem-solving. The Robotics courses teach various science, technology, engineering, and maths principles as students design, build and program their own robots.

    Dalton Learning Lab, Unit 301, 3/F, Core A, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong, +852 2362 9003, [email protected], https://www.daltonlearninglab.com/

  • Schools STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Schools In Hong Kong That Have STEM And STEAM Programs

    More and more schools in Hong Kong are offering STEM and STEAM opportunities for children equipping them with skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, and computer programming.

  • Malvern College STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Malvern College Hong Kong

    Nuffield Science

    Malvern College Hong Kong practices Nuffield Science, an approach that promotes science to children through engaging experiments and discovery. The school teaches STEM through practical applications that inspire critical thinking and problem-solving. Malvern College Hong Kong collaborates with organizations and delivers STEM camps and workshops for curious students who want to learn things that are outside the school classroom.

    Malvern College Hong Kong, 14/F, Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3898 4688, [email protected], https://www.malverncollege.org.hk/


  • Man Kwan Pak Kau College STEM STEAMclasses Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Man Kwan Pak Kau College

    Artificial Intelligence

    The pioneering school has a curriculum that includes Artificial Intelligence, e-books, and online teaching platforms. The school's IT program enhances your child's interest in STEM principles at a young age and prepares them for a successful future. Teachers encourage the children with hands-on research and experiments. The school strives to provide an education that will allow them to have an extraordinary life.

    Man Kwan Pak Kau College, 51 Tin Wah Road, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong, +852 2448 2960, [email protected], https://www.mkpc.edu.hk/

  • Nord Anglia School STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Nord Anglia School

    The Five Disciplines

    The Nord Anglia School has extensive STEAM programs across all of its schools, and Hong Kong is no different. The program focuses on the five disciplines of science, technology, engineering, visual arts, and mathematics for children between eight and 12 years. Not only does the school boast impressive academic results, but its students also have the confidence, resilience, and creativity to succeed at whatever they choose to do or be. They ignite your child’s love of learning with world-class technology and inspiring school facilities.

    Nord Anglia School, 11 On Tin Street, Lam Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3958 1428, [email protected], https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/hong-kong/

  • Stamford American School Hong Kong STEM STEAM classes Little Steps Asia

    Stamford American School Hong Kong

    Inspiring Worlds

    The Stamford American School offers an inspiring world of education for students between five and 18, using an inquiry-based learning approach combined with the rigorous standards expected of an American academic school. The school offers a comprehensive STEAM program and presents problem-based education through critical thinking and real-world application. The interdisciplinary curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards and enhanced by AERO and Common Core Plus standards.

    Stamford American School Hong Kong, 25 Man Fuk Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2500 8688, [email protected], https://www.sais.edu.hk/

  • Home Resources STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Home Resources

    If you want to give your kids the best possible start, you can give them a helping hand at home. Start them young with building blocks, and as they get older, move them on to LEGO, code-breaking, mazes, robotics, and simple engineering projects. Building kits allow kids to explore how things work.

    There are some informative television programs that will encourage your children to get creative!

    Blaze and The Monster Machines, www.youtube.com/c/blazeandthemonstermachines/videos

    Brains On, https://www.brainson.org/

    Dinosaur Train, https://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/videos/


    Magic School Bus, https://www.netflix.com/title/70264612

    MC2, https://www.netflix.com/title/80058852

    Science with Sophie, https://www.sciencewithsophie.com/

  • Online Resources STEM STEAM classes Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

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