30 Alternatives To Asking Kids – How Was Your School Day?

30 Questions To Engage Your Kids About School

30 Alternatives To How Was Your Day

Parents have long struggled to get quality answers from their children on how their school day has gone.  We always ask them – “how was your day” – and get the polite response – “good” – from our kids.  For those looking for more creative ways of engaging their little learners, check out this list of interactive questions you can ask them.

30 Engaging Questions To Ask Your Kids About School:

1.  What was the happiest moment at school?

2.  What made you laugh today?

3.  Did any of your friends do something funny today?

4.  Who did you sit by at lunch today?

5.  What did you do that was super creative?

6.  Did you help anyone today?

7.  Did you tell anyone “thank you” today?

8.  Who did you play with today on the playground?

9.  Did you do something that challenged you today?

10.  Was anyone in your class gone today?

11.  What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

12.  What are you reading?

13.  Did you learn any new words in Mandarin?

14.  What kind of person were you today?

15.  What made you feel happy?

16.  What made you feel proud?

17.  What made you smile today?

18.  What was your least favorite part of the day?

19.  What made your really think today at school?

20.  Tell me something you know today that you didn’t know yesterday.

21.  Did you like your lunch today?

22.  What was the hardest thing about your day?

23.  What is your least favorite part of your day?

24.  Did anything funny happen on the bus today?

25.  What questions did you ask at school today?

26.  How were you brave today?

27.  Teach me something I don’t know.

28.  What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

29.  If you were the teacher tomorrow – what would you teach?

30.  What are three things about school today that you can tell me?

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