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Meet Cherry - A Firsthand Account From A Final Year Student

Hong Kong Academy students

A parent’s ultimate dream is for their children to be happy, well-rounded, and realize their purpose in life. School is such an integral part of children’s lives that it makes sense to select one which focuses on these qualities as well as academics. Hong Kong Academy (HKA) is a school that makes this a priority, and below we will meet one of its final year students and learn about how HKA helped her discover who she is, what is important to her, and how this knowledge helps inform her future and career plans.

My name is Cherry and I joined HKA in 2014 as a Grade 6 student having attended a local primary school. My parents did a lot of research about international secondary school options and were attracted to HKA because of the international diversity, amazing facilities and co-curricular opportunities. Perhaps even more importantly, they were impressed by how happy and confident the students were in their studies and they wanted that for me.


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    Exceptional Teachers At HKA

    "I am now halfway through my final year of Hong Kong Academy, and I appreciate how the school has had a positive impact on my well-being and supported me as I shaped my identity. As a new student in Grade 6, and still today as a final year student, I have benefitted from HKA’s warm and caring community and the small class sizes.

    The teachers really know me as an individual and are so knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. When the workload is high, the teachers are very flexible and find ways to mentor and motivate us. I always feel comfortable approaching them when I need help. HKA teachers have also encouraged me to balance my studies with sporting, creative and service activities.

    I represented the school in an international maths competition, competed in an HKA sports team, built a website to showcase my Grade 10 personal project, and worked as a student intern mentoring primary school kids during HKA’s summer activity program and after school ceramics classes."

  • Learning The Importance Of Giving Back

    "What I have found most rewarding during my time at HKA has been the joy that I've discovered through service and giving back to others. My passion and dedication to these causes have built over time, starting with my studies in Individuals and Societies classes and growing through my involvement with community projects and the Global Citizens Diploma (GCD) program. I am a founding member and leader of HKA's ImpactHK student group, where I have advocated for the homeless and participated in monthly 'Kindness Walks' for three years running. This also sparked me to volunteer at a charity in Hong Kong that supports children with terminal diseases. I was inspired by the positivity of these children, and this reinforced my desire to try and make a real and long-lasting impact in the lives of others."



  • Plans For Life After Hong Kong Academy

    "In 2019 I was honored to receive the Kiwanis Community Service Award, a local and international award that recognizes extended service and contribution to communities in need. I will complete my International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma this summer with Higher Levels in Psychology, Mandarin, and Music, and Standard Levels in English, Math, and Environmental Systems and Societies. After graduating from Hong Kong Academy, my plan is to pursue a degree in Educational Psychology at university, with the longer-term goal of working in a job that advances the psychological wellbeing of children."


    Hong Kong Academy is the only school in Hong Kong to offer the Global Citizen Diploma. Listen to how the life goals and direction of some of last year's graduates were inspired by this unique program in HKA's Make a Difference Video, and check out their website to learn more about the school.


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