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Hands-On Shared Learning Through Play

Play, exploration, and inquiry are the best ingredients for learning – as well as planting the seeds of a love of life-long learning, which we believe to be the recipe for a life of fulfillment. Early Childhood Education at the Hong Kong Academy follows an adapted PYP IB curriculum and begins with a Playgroup for 2- to 3-year-olds – a part-time, adult-accompanied, hands-on shared learning program that promotes creativity and independence! To learn more, click here and read on!

Enrolment is available on a weekly basis and is completely free of charge for the first 6 weeks of the Playgroup! The Playgroup schedule is also highly customizable as you can choose from various time slots running over 2, 3 or 5 days a week. If your kiddo is already between 3 and 6, check out their Pre-K to Grade program, book a personal tour or join an Early Childhood Open House!

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    Inner worlds and surrounding environments are in constant interdependence, so little is more vital than a safe and stimulating environment when it comes to learning! At HKA, the outdoors spill inside and vice versa as the cozy, stimulating classroom and invigorating playscapes outside fuse through floor-to-ceiling windows. Open-ended materials inspire play-based learning, and organic gardens engage all senses. Encouraged by the specialist Playgroup Teacher who is also a qualified Play Therapist, the Playgroup participants interact with the materials, nature, and each other to their maximum advantage and enjoyment!

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    The Playgroup also offers a rich language experience that the kids at this age benefit from especially seamlessly. The teacher leads the class in English and a co-teacher uses Mandarin as a mirror language. A combination of storytime and other directly and non-directly language-based activities promote linguistic development and communication skills! There is a library in the classroom equipped and ever-updated with English and Mandarin books, while the Playgroup students are encouraged to access HKA's fantastic library, too!

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    Supporting kids in their growth is a multifaceted task. Kids rapidly go through physical, cognitive, emotional and linguistic development, which makes parents and care-givers perpetual learners too. HKA's commitment to home-school partnerships and to bettering education, in general, led them to the Child Development series which supports parents in the often scary and confusing task of helping kiddos transition from dependence to independence! The series teaches the best practices and offers specialist knowledge through engaging talks open to all HKA families as well as the public! Learn more about these parent sessions here!

  • Hong Kong Academy

    33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR

    +852 2655 1111



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